It’s been too long since we had a little Shane. Shane Koysczan, that is. He came to our attention at the Winter Olympics in Canada in 2010, where he delivered his poem We Are More and was introduced to the world. Prior to that, in 2000, he became the first Canadian to win the Individual Championship title at the National Poetry Slam. I don’t follow slam closely, but I think he is probably the premier slam poet. If I ever catch my breath and shake this tank of 02, I want to be him. I want to deliver my words with his kind of passion and intelligence.

The victim of bullying himself, he wrote To This Day, which went viral on YouTube after he presented it at TED. Imagine! A poem with almost a million views since it was published in March of this year. All of Shane Koysczan’s poems are marked by the same acute vision, precise language, and depth of emotion. You can find many of them on YouTube. Help yourself.  Meanwhile …

Warning: you may find some of his word-play a bit raw.

. . . and thus we begin another week . . .


  1. Thank you for this, Jamie. Sending it on to my daughter; her pain, poetry and beauty forged in the same playground, including “residential treatment” and a buffet of pills that made her hair shrivel and fall out…until we demanded she be released “against medical advice”.


  2. when each story of a word brings a memory
    it is like a flash back in time….
    He is and incredible Spirit…and I suspect he still doesn’t really believe it….
    Absolutely stunning art Jamie…he painted a masterpiece of emotions for us to feel…
    Thank you….
    Take Care…You Matter…


    1. He is quite amazing. Since you seem love music and musicians, go to YouTube and type in his name and Beethoven. His poem on Beethoven is stunning … and you mater too, Mary! Many blessings, Jamie 🙂


    1. I enjoy TED as well, Deb. Always something new to learn. With this video, it’s hard to tell when his introductory remarks end and his poem starts. It is a poem, slam poetry is just a different form, more like a prose poem in some cases, though not always. He is excellent at performing his work – yes! captivating – and so wholehearted. I hope you enjoyed it. I know I need to get with you by email on your post for Bardo. I’m just catching up on things this week. Be well and thanks for all your visits and thoughtful comments. You are valued. Many blessings, Jamie


      1. No, you’re absolutely right ! I need to be rounded off as my younger sister used to tell me. I’ll never forget her saying ~Deb you’re just too square!” She probably hugging you from heaven & begging you to round off my edges! No rush on my post dear~ Faithfully Debbie


        1. Thank you, Deb. Don’t think you’re square at all. You just haven’t heard it. Takes a bit of getting used to and most of it does not express this kind of compassion and conscience. 🙂


    1. Oh my. I’m so glad that I took the time to listen to this. This man packs a punch in his poetry that needs to be heard. I think many of us experienced bullying as children, and most likely all of us felt inadequate. Wow.


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