Who knew – I didn’t – that Hemingway wrote poems published by Der Querschnitt in 1924 but banned in the U.S? Rather fun and interesting bit of trivia, including the one above in which he satirizes Eliot.

The lady poets he’s referring to are:

Edna St. Vincent Millay
Aline Kilmer
Sara Teasdale
Zoe Akins
Lola Ridge
Amy Lowell

Details on the poets are HERE at Poetry magazine. You can read the Suppressed Poems of Ernest Hemingway  (a chapbook) online at the Internet Archives HERE.


For we have thought the larger thoughts
And gone the shorter way.
And we have danced to devil’s tunes,
Shivering home to pray;
To serve one master in the night,
Another in the day.

– Ernest Hemingway

Some tidbits for a lazy Saturday. Have a great weekend all. ♥


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