HEARTBLEED BUG: WordPress is okay but Facebook and other social networking sites might not be

heartbleed… and you thought all your personal info was held just between you, your God, the NSA and that hacker in Eastern Europe who shall remain nameless. No poetry here!

I hoped I could spend the afternoon reading, settled comfy with Billy Collings’ Picnic, Lightning. I had to ruin things by checking my email first only to learn that while WordPress is safe, the technoscenti (no, there’s no such word, but you get the idea) recommend changing our passwords to Facebook and other social networking sites … and to gmail, by the way.  I don’t use any of the other networking sites, but you might. Link HERE to Mashable’s list of sites that are vulnerable to this flaw. It includes corporations, government and tax sites, and banks and brokerage firms …

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Heartbleed logo is free to use, rights waived via CC0

the fairy who lives in the moon

480px-Wonderful_Fairies_-_45_-_Fairy_Girl winter has stopped rattling the glass
and spring has arrived, tentative in an
uncertain green, touching down
and taking off again . . . peripatetic

night falls with a chill wind, hugs a tree
and the fairy who lives in the moon pens
ghost stories of Earth as she might be

© 2014, poem, Jamie Dedes, All rights reserved Illustration via Wikipedia: A fairy girl (by illustrator Cora M. Norman), seen at the end of “The Cloud Fairies” in Ernest Vincent Wright’s The Wonderful Fairies of the Sun.