interNational Photography Month: Wordless Wednesday

Join us for Wordless Wednesday and link in your own photograph/s to the Bardo post hosted by Priscilla Galasso. My own contribution is the post on my blog prior to this repost. Happy Wednesday…


“A picture is worth a thousand words.”  So said sources from the early 20th century, and advertising and marketing departments were quick to adopt this maxim.  Images became icons; symbols got recognition and replicated themselves.  In our viral age, this happens in a nanosecond.  We are bombarded with so many images in a day that we simply filter out most of them.  Junk mail, pop-ups, video clips and trademarks pass in and out of our field of vision at an alarming rate. 

When was the last time you looked at an image for more than 10 seconds?  When was the last time you stood in a museum or gallery in front of an image for more than 10 minutes?  Was that image a photograph? 

Suppose we create a virtual photographic museum here on Bardo.  Share with us a photo that you have taken that will draw us into some full…

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2 Comments on “interNational Photography Month: Wordless Wednesday

  1. Jamie–sent an e-mail but not sure if you got it. I have not scheduled the post for tomorrow for Bardo. Do you still want it? I’m not sure of what time they go up. Hope you are alright.


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