He who has a garden and a library wants for nothing” Marcus Tullius Cicero

A garden outside and a library inside: add a little music and it sounds like introvert’s heaven. Yes!

The landscapers were busy pruning the trees today and even the garden in process makes for an appealing photograph.

© 2014, photograph, Jamie Dedes, All rights reserved


  1. Ah yes, great reading and a beautiful garden! Love your photo, Jamie 🙂 Heading into Spring here, I keep catching the scent of fresh jasmine on the air . . . my all time favourite!


  2. Definitely heaven for this introvert, too! Although, I would be outside digging in the dirt and communing with the plants. Then, after a good, long day of gardening, a shower, big cup of coffee and a good book. Sounds just about perfect! Glad you’re able to enjoy such beauty and share it with us, Jamie. 🙂


  3. Books and music — check. Garden outside — not so much. My landlord just had all the bushes that were providing haven for cardinals, sparrows, chipmunks and cottontails removed. I see those friends no more. He’s planning some ‘landscaping’, but he removed the habitat. Sigh!


  4. I have hired some help with my flower garden – I love the sense of getting everything clean and neat and tidy for winter’s snow and the new growth of next spring. It seems to give me the illusion that I have put my life in order and everything is under control. 🙂


    1. Oh, and you have certainly found my introvert’s heaven. As long as there is coffee or tea available for the library and a window open to the garden. I have several introvert’s heavens constructed in my mind for those times when living in my body gets too difficult.


    2. One of the many blessings of a garden, huh? Here I get to enjoy the garden and have no work to do myself, which is good since I would be unable to manage at this point in my life. I feel like a princess. 🙂 Happy Friday, Pat, and happy weekend.


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