God, are you the one who is living life?


In honor of Penticost Sunday, a little something of Rilke’s for Cousin Dan and The Congregation of the Holy Spirit. Love ~

And yet, though we strain
against the deadening grip
of daily necessity,
I sense there is this mystery:

All life is being lived.

Who is living it, then?
Is it the things themselves,
or something waiting inside them,
like an unplayed melody in a flute?

Is it the winds blowing over the waters?
Is it the branches that signal to each other?

Is it flowers
interweaving their fragrances,
or streets, as they wind through time?

Is it animals, warmly moving,
or the birds, that suddenly rise up?

Who lives it, then? God, are you the one
who is living life?

Rainer Marie Rilke (1874-1927), Bohemian-Austrian poet and novelist, from The Book of Hours, Book 2, Poem 12

© 2015 photograph, Jamie Dedes, All rights reserved


10 Comments on “God, are you the one who is living life?

  1. Love Rilke so much….he always makes me wish I could read his poems in the original language so that I could be that much closer to his amazing thoughts.

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  2. I learned something this morning in the sermon on Pentecost. Spirit – as in the Spirit of God – is a feminine noun. What a beautiful difference that makes for me. She is working through me, around me, and in me. Wow.

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  4. Oh, this is exquisite. I love this day the best in the liturgical calendar. And this expresses so much of why. I am sharing the text on my other blog (andknowthatiam) and will add my own picture. Thank you.

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  5. Hey Jamie– such a beautiful poem and beautiful picture for it. The stamen and center of the flower look almost like thay make up a galaxy or super nova. Lovely. Thanks. K.

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