EARTHLINGS, Make the Connection

Horrific. Devastating. Unflinching. If, when you think of farms and ranches, you think of old MacDonald and happy cow advertisements, think again. I figured if I couldn’t watch this movie I had no business eating flesh, going to the circus, or wearing animal skins. I have no business asking other human beings to do my dirty work for me.  I forced myself through Earthlings in part to firm my vegan resolve. I’m probably not the only one to do this. Among other things, I found a video of Ellen DeGeneres on YouTube where she talks about having done the same thing.

Earthlings goes where our best-self fears to tread. Using undercover cameras it takes us inside of farms and dairies, slaughterhouses, labs that do animal testing, fur ranches, and circuses. It shows us the pain our younger brothers and sisters in the animal kingdom suffer for our sakes. It also shows us just how far we humans can go to debase ourselves: at least that was my reaction to seeing people skinning animals alive and leaving them to die slowly, slitting the throats of cattle while they hang alive and upside down, tossing male chicks into a grinder while they’re alive, swinging chickens on a hook just for the fun of it, tossing a live dog into the back of a garbage truck and laughing about it, digging hooks into elephants to train them … you get my drift.  It’s painful to think of the calves that are separated from their mothers to prepare them to be veal and of all the dairy cows and chickens going insane packed into small indoor spaces and never walking the good earth or seeing the sky.

A key point this movie makes is the link between our ability to be cruel dominators of our fellow creatures in the animal kingdom with our ability to be cruel to other human beings. It shows the damage done to the environment as we pursue dominance over nature and not stewardship of it. Both thumbs up on this one. It’s the movie to watch for the sake of our humanity.

The trailer below is not as graphic as the movie. You can view the entire movie for free HERE.

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3 thoughts on “EARTHLINGS, Make the Connection

  1. I hope you will be helped by your new diet endeavor, Jamie. I just saw on Dr. Oz yesterday a vegan recipe that my family uses for special occasions and that was introduced to us by one of my nieces. We have many vegetarians in our extended family and eat many vegan meals too. It’s for a chocolate pie…I know maybe not what you were looking for (dessert) but let me know if you’re interested and I’ll see what other recipes I can find to share.


  2. I’m listening to educational CD’s (college course from the Teaching Company) on how American bestsellers influenced history. Sinclair’s novel “The Jungle” exposed the conditions of the Chicago Stockyards in the early 1900’s. After its release, many people turned to vegetarianism and Teddy Roosevelt initiated the FDA. Sinclair’s intent was to promote socialism and his focus was on the working conditions. It was an interesting session.


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