Mail from Across the Pond: “Hands & Wings” and other collections …

booksSometimes a package arrives that is like a party in the mailbox. Often it’s a poetry party, especially the one that just arrived from Anne Stewart‘s poetry p f. The site is affiliated with Second Light Network of Women Poets. There are no gender or age restrictions at poetry p f, which is now a go-to resource for me when I want to buy the collections of U.K. poets.

“The site is principally intended to be a showcase of modern poets, and to provide a focused point for members to take advantage of the visibility and searchable presence the Internet provides; further to promote poets and poetry.” MORE

cardsMy recent acquisitions from across the pond include Anne Cluysenaar‘s Touching Distances, Diary Poems (Cinnamon Press, 2014), which was a gift from Myra Schneider and my own purchases: Janus (Oversteps Books, 2010) by Anne Stewart and Dilys Wood‘s novel-length poem, Antarctica. Wow! . . . and all the lovely poetry cards, some purchased and some gifted … so much better than Hallmark. These include Horses by poet and blogger, Carolyn O’Connell.

TIP FOR POETS: Poetry greeting cards are a nice idea some might like to borrow for promoting their own chapbooks and so forth. Myra Schneider first introduced me to this idea, which I have used. Myra’s are works of art. Mine, not so much.  Not yet anyway. Can’t seem to get them lined up properly.

Hands & WingsDilys Wood and Anne Stewart added a collection to my package, which deserves special attention: Hands & Wings, Poems for Freedom from Torture (White Rat Press, 2015).  The poems in it are freely shared by A-list poets. The proceeds go to help with the rehabilitation and support of torture victims seeking protection in the U.K. That made me look into what services specificially designed for victims of torture might be available in other countries and that readers might want to support through donations or volunteer work. You may find your country’s offerings listed HERE.

Hands & Wings, Poems for Freedom from Torture was produced by Freedom from Torture, Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture, a registered charity in the U.K.

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