Daily Archives: February 24, 2016

For everyone who eats, sleeps and breathes poetry and wishes poetry was their day job, THE POET BY DAY (including  The Poet by Day Facebook Page) is reinventing itself, transitioning to an information hub on all things poesy with special – but not exclusive – light on: regional and global poetry initiatives for peace, sustainability and social justice she-poets minority poets poets just finding their voices in maturity On Occasion: Celebrating American She-Poets. Yes!… Read More

From Muriel Rukeyser, a little something for us all to munch on today …. “The relations of poetry are, for our period, very close to the relations of science. It is not a matter of using the results of science, but of seeing that there is a meeting-place between all the kinds of imagination.  Poetry can provide that meeting-place. “… a poem is not its words or its images, any more than as… Read More