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Opportunity Knocks

ROGERS WRITERS’ TRUST FICTION PRIZE (Writers’ Trust of Canada), $25,000 Winner, $2,500 Finalists for novel or short-story collection published in Canada between October 1, 2015 and September 30, 2016. Multiple deadlines. Details HERE

CAVE CANEM NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY PRESS POETRY PRIZE is a second-book award for Black poets of African descent, offered every other year. 2016 Competition Guidelines are HERE. Deadline April 15, 2015

OMNIDAWN PUBLISHING hosts three poetry contests: Poetry Chapbook Contest, First/Second Book Poetry Contest, and Ominidawn Open Poetry Book Contest as well as a Fabulist Fiction Chapbook Contest.  The first deadline is April 18.  Details HERE

TRIO HOUSE PRESS offers two awards annually: the Trio Award for First or Second Book for emerging poets, and the Louise Bogan Award for Artistic Merit and Excellence for a book of poems contributing in an innovative and distinct way to American poetry. Reading period ends April 30.  Details HERE


SECOND LIGHT LIVE SPRING FESTIVAL Discoveries & Recoveries, 20 & 21 May 2016 at the Art Workers Guild, London. Details HERE.


KIBATEK (The Turkish Literary Foundation established in 1998 in Turkey) plans its 40th Literary Festival this year in Dubai, from 1st till 4th June 2016. This Global Poetry Festival will be organized by a Dubai based event company called: Zing-Events, with Zainab Malik as President and Aydin Momtaz as Vice President of this event company. (The artwork for the poster displayed below is by Aprilia Zank.) Details HERE



Opportunity Knocks

RATTLE,  a publication of the Rattle Foundation, is committed to the promotion of poetry and encouragement of poets, including youth poets.  Submission guidelines are HERE

Rattle (founded 1994) is an American poetry magazine, based in Los Angeles, California.

Established writers, including Philip Levine, Jane Hirshfield, Billy Collins, Sharon Olds, Gregory Orr, Patricia Smith, Anis Mojgani, have appeared in Rattle, although the magazine also prides itself on its publication of new and emerging poets.

Poems from the magazine have been reprinted in The Best American Poetry and Pushcart Prize anthologies.

* * *

“Rattle is pretty simple: We love poetry and feel that it’s something everyone can enjoy. We look for poems that are accessible, that have heart, that have something to say.” Rattle website


LIST OF 50 POETRY FORMS by Writer’s Digest Senior Content Editor, Robert Lee Brewer HERE

ORIGINS OF AMPERSAND from New Yorker Magazine

JIM HARRISON, poet, novelist and essayist died on March 26th. He is featured on The Poet by Day HERE and HERE is the link to his Paris Review Interview on fiction.


  • W/RITES & RHAPSODIES: Israel Writing Tour July 3 – 18 – Registration Deadline: 15 April 2016 Link HERE
  • LITERARY PUB OR PERISH Stickyz Rock N’ Roll Chicken Shack, Little Rock AR, Details HERE
  • Download a free copy of The Woven Tale Press Selected Works HERE
  • The April 15th issue of The BeZine will celebrate poetry month. Contributing Editor, Michael Dickel, is the lead for this issue.


Submit your event, book launch and other announcements at least fourteen days in advance to Publication is subject to editorial discretion.


“In The Poet by Day Jamie Dedes introduces and celebrates the work of contemporary poets, well and little known, especially women, from many different cultures. She also features poets and writers from the recent or more distant past, sometimes to fit in with particular themes. Her style is informal which makes this blogzine very accessible. It highlights poetry’s connection with peace, sustainability and other global issues and includes thoughtful reviews with examples of poets’ work. It also offers advice about writing poetry and information about poetry events and outlets.” Award winning British poet and consultant to Second Light Network of Women Poets, Myra Schneider

“Here be inspiration”

“There are blogs and there are blogs. There is writing; there is poetry; there is art; there is human endeavour and there is ‘The Poet by Day’. Rarely, if ever, have I come across a web log like this, of such towering integrity. Seldom have I encountered such a willingness to subjugate self for the benefit not only of the art of the written word, but also for the benefit of poets and writers everywhere. Here be a deep well of inspiration.

“This is enhanced, in a major way, by her own invention, a blog called ‘Into The Bardo’ (now a collaborative blog, ‘The BeZine’), which represents the noblest of goals, an aspiration to connect all life on Earth spiritually; to unite the World in one grand scheme, which, if it achieves nothing, fills us with hope.” British poet, witer and musician, John Anstie


LATE BREAKING NEWS: Roger Allen Baut’s Arts Agregate “Creative Nexus™” is up for your reading pleasure Link HERE Features include: More on Jim Harrison; Sherlock Holmes manuscript expected to fetch up to £300,000; Paris Review Interview with Imre Kertész; Victoria Benediction – Love that Kills; L.A. Times on Patty Duke.

This community paper “is for progressive Artists, Artisans, Musicians and Writers to interact, share and promote each other’s laudable work, for the betterment of all.” per Roger

The Creative Nexus™ blog is HERE.

The Creative Nexus Café™, Blogtalk Radio Show is HERE.

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REMEMBERING Poet, Writer and Gourmand, Jim Harrison

Jim Harrison (1937-2016)
Jim Harrison (1937-2016)

Jim Harrison, one of America’s most versatile and celebrated writers, died last Saturday. He was the author of over thirty books of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, the most well-know was probably Legends of the Fall, a trilogy of novellas. His latest poetry collection, Dead Man’s Float, was published earlier this year. His death came on the heals of Ancient Minstrels, also a collection of novellas, which launched in March.

Jim Harrison’s essays on food and our relationship to it are among my favorites and as I searched my bookshelves over the past few days, The Raw and the Cooked, Adventures of a Roving Gourmand is one of the two books of his that seem to have survived my downsizing. That’s an issue of shrinking real estate not regard.

Food – according to Jim Harrison – is more than food. It is a metaphor for life and living. The trick is to enjoy as much as you can without killing yourself because then you couldn’t continue to eat. Some of the meals he describes sound truly epic.

In 2007, Harrison was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

A rough and tumble sort, his preference was for the out-of-doors and he spent his time between Montana and Arizona.

If you are viewing this post from email, it is likely you’ll have to link through to watch the video.


I’m hoping to be astonished tomorrow
by I don’t know what:
not the usual undiscovered bird in the cold
snowy willows, garishly green and yellow,
and not my usual death, which I’ve done
before with Borodin’s music
used in Kismet, and angels singing
“Stranger in Paradise,” that sort of thing,
and not the thousand naked women
running a marathon in circles around me
while I swivel on a writerly chair
keeping an eye on my favorites.
What could it be, this astonishment,
but falling into a liquid mirror
to finally understand that the purpose
of earth is earth? It’s plain as night.
She’s willing to sleep with us a little while.

Excerpt from In Search of Small Gods, © Copper Canyon Press, 2010; the photograph is from Jim Harrison’s Amazon page 

How to be alone … for lonely is a freedom

HOW TO BE ALONE by Tanya Davis, poet, songwriter and singer. Her style is primarily spoken word set to music. She performed in this video, which was directed by Andrea Dorfman.  Andrea did the animation. She is a screenwriter as well as a director.

The film was shot in Halifax, Nova Scotia. As of this writing, this poetry video has had more than 7,620,000 views, which is a league of its own when it comes to poetry videos. As far as I know the only poet who gets those numbers – actually twice as much – is Shane Koyczan, also a Canadian and a spoken word poet.

After making the film Tanya  and Andrea  put together a book, How to Be Alone (Harper,2013) with the poem and illustrations. Tanya also has a published poetry collection, At First, Lonely (Acorn Books, 2011). The former, I think, makes a good gift for someone after a break-up, separation or divorce. The later explores falling in love and out, searching for truth and for roots. The writing is intimate, very personal.

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Tanya Davis at the Calgary Spoken Word Festival 2011