MIXED REMIXED FESTIVAL presents annual Storyteller’s Prize, June 11 (Saturday), Los Angles … celebrating the multiracial experience

IMG_3096Mixed Remixed Festival will present the annual Storyteller’s Prizes to television and film star Taye Diggs and award-winning illustrator Shane W. Evans on June 11, 2016 at 6:30pm at the Japanese American National Museum in downtown Los Angeles, 100 N. Central Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90012. The prizes will be presented as part of a live event featuring music, comedy, and spoken word.

The Storyteller’s Prizes are awarded each year to artists, scholars and activists who have shown a dedication to celebrating and illuminating the Mixed and multiracial experience. Past Storyteller’s Prize honorees include Key & Peele, National Book Award finalist Susan Straight, The Daily Show’s Al Madrigal, and best-selling author Jamie Ford as well as Cheerios and Honey Maid.

A hosted dessert reception will immediately follow the prize presentation and performance. Please be sure to register for this event! FREE!


ONE OF AMERICA’S MOST POPULAR POETS reads his poem “The Country” … smile with Billy Collins

Billy Collins and Suzannah Gilman, 2015 PEN Gala, May 5, 2015, American Museum of Natural History © Beowulf Sheehan/PEN American Center
Billy Collins (b. 1941)- poet, writer, anthologist and educator – at the PEN America Gala, May 5, 2015, American Museum of Natural History © Beowulf Sheehan/PEN American Center, photo under CC 2.0 Generic License

I think what gets a poem going is an initiating line. Sometimes a first line will occur, and it goes nowhere; but other times – and this, I think, is a sense you develop – I can tell that the line wants to continue. If it does, I can feel a sense of momentum – the poem finds a reason for continuing.”

Billy Collins’ poetry is profound, bazaar or tenderhearted observation expressed with wit; the ordinary expressed in the most extraordinary ways. We love this former U.S. Poet Laureate from New York.

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