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This video was created and posted on YouTube by BooUrns28. It’s a tour of Coney Island and includes some of his thoughts and memories delivered in sterling Brooklynese.  If you are viewing this post from an email subscription, you’ll have to link to The Poet by Day to see it. One belongs to Coney Island instantly . . . “ I’m playing with writing a poem about the Coney Island of my childhood and youth. I know “the… Read More

We’ve made love private, contained it in family, when its audacity is in its potential to cross tribal lines.” Krista Trippet

CALLS FOR SUBMISSIONS Opportunity Knocks PLOUGHSHARES AT EMERSON COLLEGE is in its 45th year and one of the most prestigious literary magazines in the US. It is published in quality paperback three times a year: January, April and July. Each issue is guest-edited by a prominent writer – usually writers who have been awarded Nobel and/or Pulitzer prizes, National Book Awards, MacArthur and Guggenheim fellowships, and numerous other honors.  Guest editors explore personal visions, aesthetics, and literary… Read More

ZEN MASTER THICH NHAT HANH (his students call him Thãy) is a revered spiritual leader, a poet and a peace activist.  Martin Luther King called him an apostle of peace and nonviolence and suggested Thãy for a Nobel Prize, which Thāy never received. Thāy is sometimes called the other Dalai Lama.  His key teaching is that, through mindfulness, we can learn to live peacefully in the present moment. The featured poem (below), Please Call Me by My True Names,… Read More