Daily Archives: November 8, 2016

This is Renee Espriu’s response to last Wednesday’s Writing Prompt.  I use to pray when asking or wanting was all I thought there was when I used the energy of my being as if kinetic magnetic waves to bring me absolute truth when now with years of searching I find that closing my eyes to breathe quietly within the mist begins to clear as though sun rays warm my spirit the dew… Read More

When we left the café parking area the sky was a bit overcast but the late afternoon was delightfully busy with birds, bees and squirrels. It’s baby-season here for squirrels. Well, I guess maybe some of them are in their teens now. My friend was about to turn the car right onto Whipple Avenue, a main drag leading to a freeway. She stopped first to check for through traffic. Less than a half-block up… Read More