Grape-Shotlet’s flee to the moon
to that so improbable moon
hanging in the sky, like a
bubble of blanc de noir, sweet ~
pouring into the dark and dusty
corners of life, honoring its vow
to keep our nights alive with light and
filled with the moon man’s wise old eye

oh, what stories could he tell, would he tell,
if the man in the moon had a voice
and we had the ears to hear

© 2013, poem, Jamie Dedes, All rights reserved; Illustration ~ from a 1915 magazine, a lady taking a ride on a champagne cork, public domain


What would be your fantasy about the moon?  Tells us in poem or prose and share the link to the piece in the comments section below if you are comfortable doing so that we all might read it. This is light one.  Enjoy!

In honor of Derek Walcott who died a few days ago, the recommended read for this week is The Poetry of Derek Walcott 1948-2013.  Walcott first poem was published when he was fourteen and this book was published in his 84th year. Never more than now has the world needed the grace, wisdom and universality of his poetry. This is a must add to your poetry book collection.  It doesn’t include the epic Omerosalso recommended, but it does include some of his earlier work that I have not seen included elsewhere.

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  1. Here’s mine Jamie

    The Moon

    in the man
    is transgender.

    born of a collision
    of bodies revolves
    about its mam

    tied by gravity’s apron strings
    though mam does not wear aprons
    as they’re not hip

    pulls at her tides,
    waxes on and off
    wanes off and on

    stepped on in pools,
    admires our longing
    sickles into plumpness

    slight to fat as if pregnant,
    gives a cheesy smile.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Thanks Jamie. Here is my verse this week for the prompt…

    ~ dance under the moon ~

    shall we place our heads together
    and hum,
    shall we twine our arms
    and drift.
    shall we lean together,
    and hold each other up.

    shall we slowly
    dance under the moon
    quivering in the frost
    and starlight

    shall we live the moment
    forgetting time,
    and opinions,
    our choice, no reason.

    or shall we slowly
    bleed and die?


    Liked by 1 person

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