“Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?”
― Mary Oliver

What would you like to see more of here in 2019?

  • poetry
  • calls for submissions and other poetry/writing news and updates
  • how to features
  • poems and poets
  • reviews
  • or, you name it …

What are the current features you most enjoy and/or find helpful?

  • Sunday Announcements / general poetry/writing news and updates
  • Wednesday Writing Prompt
  • Tuesday collection of poems in response to the Wednesday prompt

Thank you for taking the time to help out. I’ve also put a rating feature above all blog posts so that you can “vote” using that as well. You will have to click on the post titles for that to come up.



  1. Hi Jamie,
    I like everything you do and hope your energy allows you to continue! I like the poets you have featured, your own work, the Wednesday prompts (even if I don’t always submit a response) and the Tuesday responses. I also appreciate Sunday Announcements as I am (slowly) working towards submitting my work to journals, etc. I so appreciate that you have published me here–what a gift to beginning poets! It encouraged me/encourages me to keep going. Your suggestion to take a class led me to finding a poetry teacher here on Bainbridge Island and I am definitely growing in my work! So grateful to you for that push. I also love the focus you have on peace and social justice and the whole connection to the BeZine community. Please continue and feel free to add anything that strikes your creative fancy. I read your posts every morning. Always a pleasure.
    May peace and health be with you now and in 2019.
    Poem on!

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    1. Lisa, this is good to know and brings on a big smile. I’m so happy for your progresses. You are excellent and certainly well-considered. So important to us in this world today. Hope that your holy days are passing pleasantly. I wish you the best of in 2019, peace of heart and good health. Yes! Always poem on. Jamie


  2. Hello Jamie! I LOVE your blog! Not only is it inspiring but it is also informative especially for newer writers such as myself. Your Wednesday prompts are always thought provoking and I’ve enjoyed reading and learning about other poets and the wonderful works that poets are doing in their community and the world. Yours is a gathering place of poetry and social justice, awareness and awakening. Thank you!! ❤️

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  3. Almost a year now when a short but striking title caught my attention as it scrolled on in the news feed,on Facebook. Already a poetry fan I could not resist checking up..The Poet By Day’ who could be writing there? by day’ I thought this was highly imaginative creative and attractive, curiosity soared as the cursor clicked open the page to reveal a smiling charming profile…the info the prompts the call to express, immediately set me thinking..I must write for G Jamie Dedes, the name too sounded celestial …and a voice said’ didn’t you pray for a good site for your poetry? This is it.’ After missing a couple of deadlines in the beginning I tried to put in more effort and time…’The prompts were profoundly challenging,they are reflective, making one move towards research, finding meanings of new words, for me new because English being a second language is not much in use in my environment), vocabulary repertoire increased and the best thing that happened was ‘the opportunity to write in my national language Urdu. Shukria Jazakallah Khair Respected Jamie Ji for the constant support encouragement and inspiration you have extended to me for my work. Please continue with the unique thought provoking prompts , info on current affairs, old and modern poets and poetry information, and the links to other blogs and websites…It has been an enriching year for writing poems as well as stories.May Allah Bless you with the best of everything, joy health and happiness amen Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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  4. Dear Jamie
    One of the year’s delights has been finding your website and I thank you for hosting some of my work.
    I particularly like the writing prompts and reading the responses to them, even if I do not always respond myself.
    I think the website is just fine as it is.
    Have a great Christmas and New Year.

    Best regards


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