The first of George Frederic Watts’ paintings of “Hope” / Public Domain Illustration

“Hope has two beautiful daughters; their names are Anger and Courage. Anger at the way things are, and Courage to see that they do not remain as they are.” Augustine of Hippo

At a café, a peace reading ~
the reverent and irreverent
We delivered our poems as prayer
as though every Utopian dream of ours had the
fragrance of sanctity, the well-chiseled
face of true North …

A battalion on the march, we poet-healers,
laying our mystic grace like the psalmist’s
table before enemies

We are sure . . . positive . . .
while we hike the mountain of our despair,
we sense the true depths of human Hope along
the wormholes in the spacetime of our convictions

© 2019, poem, Jamie Dedes


In a world gone made, what is the place of hope? Tell us in your poem/s and

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Jamie Dedes. I’m a freelance writer, poet, content editor, and blogger. I also manage The BeZine and its associated activities and The Poet by Day, an info hub for writers meant to encourage good but lesser-known poets, women and minority poets, outsider artists, and artists just finding their voices in maturity. The Poet by Day is dedicated to supporting freedom of artistic expression and human rights.  Email for permissions, commissions, or assignments.

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“Every pair of eyes facing you has probably experienced something you could not endure.”  Lucille Clifton


  1. Hope spoke by Oz Forestor 11.3.19

    Find me
    where headwaters unfurl
    and roll across eons of rocks
    polished by the playful tumble
    of a rumbling stream. I stir belief
    in the faintest trace I leave
    under layers of a forest bed
    the faint murmur of a mountain spring
    where the ascent of a desert trail
    is more than water
    and the curl of a wool blanket
    around the thumb of a sleeping child
    is more than warmth.

    Find me
    where daydreams break
    and flood the order of days
    bridged by that narrow crossing
    between duty and yearning. I diverge walls
    from the fissured constructs I emerge
    in labyrinths of complex reasons
    the unwanted changes and the changing wants
    for abundance for a hungering earth
    is a promise made
    and the bend of the searching sun
    under the months of winter snow
    is a promise kept.

    Find me
    where smoke rises
    and lifts the ghosts of mourning
    entrapped by a constant churn
    of candle stubs. I unite breath
    under melting symbols I bow
    to the church of the desperate fate
    the humble faith in the big mistake
    where a vow of strange forgiveness
    is more than peace
    and the prayer for the shamash flame
    or the chant to an endless knot
    is more than peace.

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  2. Respected Jamie Ji
    Some Lines Inspired By Emily Dickinson

    Hope Flying for Peaceful Eternity

    Flying lightly all over
    feathers of hope hover
    linger, alive, tingle the soul
    stay without burden,cover
    the spirit, awakening the heart
    from time to time, warding away
    danger depression sadness cold
    storms in the turbulent seas, not
    harming even a bird or a gull
    but keeping the lull,cajoling Poseidon
    for softness soothing mercy, nothing
    ever from me asking or the entire humanity
    but flying closer to all flying for peaceful eternity

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  3. Hope

    Hope is that flickering light,
    Showing us the path
    All throughout a darkened tunnel

    Hope is in the little stars
    Twinkling in a moonless sky,
    As we watch them smiling

    When a deadly night ends,
    With sun rays dispelling the darkness
    Hope wakes up in us, consoling

    When for us everything is lost
    As we bemoan, hope pats on our back,

    For beggars on the street
    With no food, no shelter
    Hope lies straight as a road to walk over, on and on, ahead
    ©Bishnu Charan Parida

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  4. The Desert of Existence
    Hope rises every morning coloring the sky with messages of love declaring peace despite the ratta-tat-tat of gun violence violating innocence.

    Hope stands strong in vast rock mountains symbolizing strength…the strength to continue on along this narrow nebulous pathway into the future.

    Hope is spring summer fall winter blanketing earth’s atmosphere in splendor…rain washing away tears…the sun shining away fears…falling leaves capturing pain…the snow white in its purity covering shame.

    Hope rides on the waves of the ocean in glory and power diving into unfathomable depths seeking fellowship in the dark murky waters.

    Hope flies through forests over rolling green hills across rivers into the desert of existence…the highs…the lows…the joy…the heartache…the caring…the callous.…the sharing…the selfish.

    Hope unites hearts in just causes lighting fires of indignation flames ablaze burning up hate… subjugation…racism… fanaticism…exploitation…sending sparks of the evidence of faith into the heavens.

    Hope internalized is belief in “Somebody Bigger than You and I”

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  5. Here’s my response, based on the horrible killing of two children in Shivpuri, India.

    Obituary – Shivpuri September 2019

    Far from it that we skip the
    stony ground of reality
    and shroud unpalatable
    truth under precarious wings
    for two unprivileged children
    who lost out through no fault of
    their own
    like countless others
    whose flag is a small white bird of
    hope singing from here to eternity

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  6. Thanks Jamie

    here is my first response….

    .a place of hope.

    we find it when the rain stops,

    light comes through. yesterday morning

    looked nice.

    find it in the leaves scattered in piles witing for the wind

    to scatter

    hope in the plane flying over

    run out to see

    i found hope in the mountains here

    a home, a refuge plain

    and simple things, the ordinary

    become as sacred in our life

    and brings a sort of hope

    we can hold onto

    cherish inside of us


    there may be


    small birds sing

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  7. Hi Jamie, Shannon Browne here. This is my first response:

    Hope is in the way we play
    Not just in the words we say
    Its through our actions
    aspirations and dreams
    desires, good fortunes
    utopian schemes.
    In a world so empty
    Anger finds its mark
    Matched by sister courage
    Intertwined from the start
    One without the other
    May be pure bliss
    What fun would life be
    With no manipulation by sis.

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    She seats herself to write

    Half fearing her writing
    Will drive her mad while
    Half hopes it will cure her

    In two minds – Ah, if only
    Thinks were so simple
    Turmoil turmoil turmoil

    Enough! Dismisses them all
    And seats herself to write

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    He thought it would be great to be
    a manic comic, soaring
    on dope and steroids, his wit
    an acid-tipped stiletto.
    But then he knew he couldn’t stand
    his own dark hand ripping the heart
    out of hope, his veins flooding
    with the world’s insanities and evils
    and nothing there to pump them out.

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  10. Hi Jamie,

    Here’s my second response:

    Reverse Rumi

    Always live in regret.
    The past is ever present.

    There are no new days; you are the same person you were before.

    Believe that today will be no better than yesterday. It’s about looking down with despair

    and looking backward.

    Don’t Look for new opportunities
    that the Almighty has planned for you.

    Hardship disheartens,
    and does not pass away.
    All hope is followed by despair;
    all sunshine is followed by darkness.

    People want you to be sad.
    Serve them your pain!
    Don’t untie your wings
    bind your soul with jealousy,
    You and everyone around you
    can’t fly like doves.

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  11. Hi Jamie,

    Here’s my first response:

    Hopelessness Is Life

    Only the hopeless live.
    Only hopelessness makes you smile.

    When all hopelessness is gone
    then you will grieve at the loss.

    There are three streets we can go down,
    Faithlessness, Hopelessness and Selfishness

    Without one of these the others cannot exist.
    There must always be hopelessness

    in the best of times. It reminds us of an edge
    to life. Surrender to hopelessness

    and all will be well. It is the force that drives
    all that is worthwhile and good.

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