Two Winged Entities Walked Into a Bar . . . , a poem by Clarissa Simmens

Illustration courtesy of The British Museum via Unsplash

“…whenever a new, especially successful form of an infection emerges, it will spread rapidly around the globe.”  William H. McNeill, Plagues and Peoples

The current pandemic is a disquieting influence, but an influence it is. COVID-19 is inspiring dreams that are wishful, fearful, and often surreal. Such is Clarissa’s dream reported in this poem. It reflects the yearning, anxiety, and concern we all feel and, not unlike our experience of this pandemic, it contains elements of the surreal.  / J.D.


Two wings touching
Dark and light
Not very opposite
Never did they fight

The archangels Raphael and Lucifer

Walked into a bar together

Both ordered Southern Comfort Rocks

Needing respite from frantic Root Workers

Overworked simplers and herbalists

Calling upon Raphael for assistance

In the healing of an ailing global populace

While Lucifer himself was busy with

Contracts multiplying each day

Contracts from desperate parents

Willing to pay anything

As long as their child lived

Giving him no pleasure because of

The sheer volume of sad work

They drank deeply and then

Lucifer asked:

“As a healer, what do you think about me

Getting my tail surgically removed?

It’s an old image I want to escape

Along with the pitchfork. I mean, come on,

That old agrarian image just won’t work

I’m thinking of a taser or AK-47

Although I have no desire to harm anyone”

Raphael sighed and said,

“Not wise to go into the hospital during a pandemic

Who do you have in mind to do the cosmetic altering?”

“You, of course. Your power is stronger than mine…”

“You, the demiurge,” laughed Raphael

“Controlling the material world.

Not much different than I am”

Answered Lucifer, “They confuse me

With cousin Satan

I should stop working for him

Hate contract law”


Gasping aloud and peering into the

Six o’clock dawn

Me, not a dreamer

At least when sleeping

Has dreamt the beginning of a joke

But glad I awoke

Because I’ve been living with

Raphael’s name for the last month

Lighting white candles

Looking for iron fish charms

Asking his help

In keeping us all alive

But in the dream

Are wings of cream and gray

Friends despite what we’ve learned

And I wonder

About this scenario

About the jokey dialogue

What dreams are these?

Two wings touching
Dark and light
Dream interpretation
Bouncing off daylight…

© 2020, Clarissa Simmens

CLARISSA SIMMENS (Poeturja) is an independent poet; Romani drabarni (herbalist/advisor); ukulele and guitar player; wannabe song writer; and music addict. Favorite music genres include Classic Rock, Folk, Romani (Gypsy), and Cajun with an emphasis on guitar and violin music mainly in a Minor key. Find her on her Amazon Author Page, on her blog, and on Facebook HERE.

Clarissa’s books include: Chording the Cards & Other Poems, Plastic Lawn Flamingos & Other Poems, and Blogetressa, Shambolic Poetry.

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