“To be a poet is a condition, not a profession.” Robert Graves, a response to a questionnaire in Horizon, 1946.

I am without computer for the moment and will have to publish the responses to the last Wednesday Writing Prompt later in the week. This is about as much of a post as I can manage on my cell.

The June edition of Mbizo Chirasha’s Womawords Literary Press will post on Monday. Search it out. Thanks to all those who submitted work. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Meanwhile, everyone can read the ten poems selected for publication.

Hope your hearts are filled with joy and peace and that you are staying safe and healthy.

In the spirit of peace, love (respect) and community,

Jamie Dedes:

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Poetry rocks the world!

“Every pair of eyes facing you has probably experienced something you could not endure.”  Lucille Clifton



  1. Lines words from the heart and soul for a very brave soul a fighting spirit a wonderful friend

    to send or not to send
    emotions,love best wishes
    animated stickers so dearly loved
    and enjoyed,that make us smile laugh
    and feel joyfully peaceful
    so far away,unseen but not unfelt
    desiring to make comfortable and be there
    for you,
    you are bearing pain and experiencing
    difficult moments, you may be sleeping after
    long disturbed hours, I may break the peace
    but I am sure you do wait for a ‘ping sound
    on the messenger, as I keep waiting hoping
    and am overjoyed when the green light is on
    how digital the world has become, a little blink
    of light tells us about presence,a little beep
    gives us a message, but it is tremendous to be
    grateful for,
    dear friend far away, you are special in my
    heart,close to me in spirit, and no poetry
    reaches the paper or screen without you
    here I am talking to you, reaching out into a void but
    I do see you-
    praying for good tomorrows with full faith
    whatever the Lord has ordained for all we must
    accept- to All the wonderful inspiring moments
    and supporting hours of By Day and By Night
    I say I love you and wish to thank you for being the
    best friend ever in my life

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  2. Oh goodness, Jamie! I hope you get your computer back soon. Typing out posts with your thumbs is definitely NOT recommended. I was happy to read the selection on Womawords and saw my friend, Mich’s submission.

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  3. Hi Jamie — Sorry to hear you have been having a challenging time. Thank you for including my poem in the Womawords issue. I love the other poems too! I went to share the issue and I am a bit surprised to find that WOMAWORDS is banned from FB and wondered if you know anything about this?

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  4. Respected Jamie Ji
    Prayers and best wishes.May the Lord bless you with health and comfort.amen. Thank you for the beautiful selection of After Covid-19 poems. Indeed they are written so truly to the time no one knows for sure.Best regards always.

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