The video was uploaded to YouTube by tomasisms and is the work of Andrea Dorfman. The poem was written by Tanya Davis, poet, writer, and musician. Thank you to Michael Yost (Michael’s Lair) for sharing this one with us: beautiful work by both the filmmaker and the poet.

“Lonely is a freedom that is easy and weightless.

And lonely is healing if you make it.” 

– Tanya Davis

and thus we begin a new week …


  1. There is so much wisdom here…and revealed in a young woman when it takes many of us years to understand the value of alone-ness. I tend to be reclusive so it comes naturally, but she shows the ability to be alone and comfortable even in a crowd. Thank you Tanya, and thank you Michael and Jamie for sharing this.


    1. I’m pretty much a recluse; but, I did love this … especially delightful surprise coming from someone so relatively young. Some young people think they are no one if they don’t have a date, and I think that’s primarily what she’s addressing. Nonetheless, it’s a goodie for all of us.

      Be well, Victoria. Thanks for your visit and comment.


  2. Lovely, Jamie– thanks for posting it! Those of us who are alone in our houses and lives need to be reminded sometimes to enjoy it. If one can skirt the loneliness part, being alone can become addictive. Because you can do the things you want, if you can muster the gumption to get up and go.


  3. Wonderful. There is very little testimony to being alone. Of course we all are alone….we just don’t realize it. I have always relished being alone for as far back as I remember. But there was this little voice that said….’you need to have someone around or you will be lost.’ I finally took the plunge and made my aloneness real. I’m not lonely…just alone. I have never been more content. Friends think they should feel sorry for me, but this is my contentment. Oh yes….I love people, friends, but I mostly like to hang with just me and God and the dogs.


  4. WOW…! I had to listen several times….
    what a joy to feel what the thoughts say,,,,
    Thank you for sharing Jamie from Michael’s Lair
    words for the in between time of a week ending to one beginning
    Take Care…


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