traffic jams
of undomesticated notions
simple or complex emotions
bones of story, depth of heart


the gust of words
from agile mind
to nimble fingers
to keyboard, so amenable



44c9db6a4ca13a82e2f201951a0ebeb2PoetjanstieJohn Anstie, a poet from Brewood who now lives in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England, has done a beautiful reading of my poem The View From My Place. You can hear it on John’s SoundCloud site along with many of his own, which are quite wonderful. My personal friends and local poet-colleagues will chuckle to hear my work sans Brooklyn twang. Lovely! Thank you, John.

For John’s readings:
and you can visit (recommended) John’s poetry blog here:

John also has a prose site, FortyTwo … of Life, the Universe and Everything (you have to appreciate someone who’s that enamoured of Douglas Adams‘ work). Link HERE to read about the upcoming anthology, Petrichor Risinga collaboration of nine poets (including John) who met on Twitter. It’s an interesting and engaging story.

John Anstie’s work and ethic are a cut above. If you haven’t “met” him, now’s the time …

♦ At Into the Bardo,  A Blogazine we are still celebrating moms with memoirs by Karen Fayeth (The Divining Trunk, a short piece about Karen’s paternal grandmother) and a piece I wrote (For the Record: Remembering Mom). Naomi Baltuck’s short reflection, posted last week, is one you will not soon forget.

♦ British poet, Myra Schneider, wrote to let me know about her new video. In it she reads her award winning poem, Goulash (HERE on YouTube). Though I’ve read Goulash a number of times before, I enjoyed hearing it in Myra’s own sweet voice and think you will too. I also happened on an interview of Myra, Becoming Something Deeper (HERE). In it she discusses her writing processes and her experience of writing poetry while undergoing chemotherapy

Congratulations to kalabalu on her “Best Moment Award.” Her charming blog is a reliable source of joy.

© 2013, poem, Jamie Dedes, All rights reserved 
Photo (keyboard) courtesy of morgueFile, John Anstie’s portrait is his own, All rights reserved