Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry poke fun at poetry and poets. The word-play is clever and light for a …

Happy Mother’s Day!


and thus we begin a new week …

Video uploaded to YouTube by lucylibbsu
Photo courtesy of morgueFile


  1. Happy Mother’s Day to one of my favourite moms – AND poets. I was in stitches throughout the video – a great kickstart to my generator.

    I watch the patterns of blog participation amongst a few of us. We’ve all had to adjust, rework and re-convene our trips around the ‘sphere, but in the end some are never out of my mind. You are one of them, Jamie. I grew to love you and still do!

    Off you go, now, for a bit of flung, flung!


    1. And you are one too. I often think of Jingle who brought us all together. I think you found some friends through her as well, though you weren’t posting poetry. Then she disappeared from the scene, but I am grateful. Amy, you are not far from heart or mind as well as I flit and fly and send out love. Be well and please continue to share your own brand of wisdom and compassion as you can. The great story-teller and channel.


  2. So good to see the young Fry and Laurie, they were ace then and they’re ace now. ‘Douglas picked a buttercup … why people leave buttocks lying around I’ll never know …’ heh-heh 🙂 The hangman, the hangman … heh-heh … brilliant!

    Happy Mother’s Day to you Jamie ~ ours was in March.


  3. Happy Mother’s Day to you too, Jamie! Aren’t we lucky to have been able to be Mothers! Fun to get up this morning and read the comments on my post from your visit. My son just called from Paris and (finally) sent some photos of his year. And I’m off to visit my Mom in NH, hoping she is settling in as well as reported. Hope you have a lovely day.


    1. How nice of you to visit when you are getting ready to leave! And – yes! – we are fortunate to be Mother’s. Have a good visit with your mom, Marilynn. Happy day …


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