Early Modern English: Say What?

That’s stand-up comedian, John Branyan …

1186328_637739792911681_1437806561_nBy Jeff Breshlin, this was a winner of the Washington Post Style Invitational.

. . . and wishing no plagues upon your house, just a  . . .

Happy Saturday, Everyone.

Smile . . . and poem on . . .

Video uploaded to YouTube by timhawkinscomedy


15 thoughts on “Early Modern English: Say What?

  1. OMGoodness, that was GREAT! I will have to definitely share that with my boys!! I was never read or told stories so I just started making up the stories as I went along and the 3 little pigs was one of those stories. Thanks for sharing that–so funny, so full of memories for me!!


      1. Yeah…I really didn’t know the story and since I had 3 boys (my oldest is autistic), I’d use their names as the 3 little pigs and my oldest, Scottie, would be the hero that the little brother piggies would run to for safety…he would giggle, and giggle, and giggle…yes, thanks for the memory. 🙂


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