Give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way.

Native American prayer

Best wishes to those who celebrate holidays at this time of year and a happy new year to everyone. I’m taking three weeks to rest, recoup and regroup and spend time with family, as I know many of you are as well. Meanwhile, there is a rich bank of posts here on poetry and poets and I have left five or so recent poems up. The Bardo Group will continue to post through the holiday season. Thank you all for reading here and for your “likes” and kind comments. I hope you enjoy this beautiful and inspiring holiday video.

See you on January 6, 2014. 

Warmest regards,




  1. Lovely the music video with its inspiring message, Jamie.

    You too are very capable of inspiring us all; you have a very special creative talent for telling people that they have special creative talents. But there’s more to you than this, profoundly more. The fact that you (and I quote your own words here): “… spent many years in the employment and training field, serving in sundry positions and writing columns, feature articles and journal pieces ad nauseam about recruiting and job search, chosing careers, assessing post-secondary vocational education programs, structuring community programs for at-risk populations (read poor and socially disadvantaged), as well as writing about labor and job market trends including changes evolving out of advances in technology…”


    “…Wherever I worked whether it was counseling, placing executives in career positions or teaching career development and job search to ex-offenders or people transitioning off welfare, I found the same thing. Scratch the surface of almost anyone and you will find an artist. Several of the contributors to this anthology earn or have earned their living doing something other than writing” … “At our core, we are creators. This is a great truth about human beings…”.

    and I believe every word you say on that subject.

    Thank you, Jamie. May we all uncover the creative artist inside us (and everyone else), that enables us to see the true beauty, rather than the ugliness, in everything we observe, helped, not a little, by the love that lies at its core.


Thank you!

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