… and thus we start another week …


  1. I am reminded of the alert I was given about my “gifted children” who think about things they have not experienced and seem attentive to subjects that are taboo to kids. My daughter, at 3, worried about the Sun turning into a super nova, and other such “inappropriate” concerns. I love how poetry celebrates the thoughts, visions, and mind of the artist, allowing him/her to bust out of those boxes of “appropriate concerns and emotions” and let their brains breathe!!


  2. Wow, this knocked my socks off. Thanks for introducing me to Popcorn.
    Jamie, are you familiar with J. Ruth Gendler? I don’t know how much she has published but I have “The Book of Qualities” and I have gone back to it many, many times over the years. If you haven’t seen it I think you will enjoy it because so often your work makes me think of hers.


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