Rainforest_Fatu_HivaPLEASE JOIN US: Beginning at  7 p.m. PST this evening, we are celebrating Valentine’s Day with love – not the love of and for another person – but our love for our mother planet ….

WE INVITE ALL writers, poets, artists, photographers, musicians and other creatives to join us at The Bardo Group for our Valentine’s Day event, BLOGGERS IN PLANET LOVE. Link in your work that shares your appreciation for the beauty of nature or your concern for environmental issues. You can share the url to your post via Mister Linky, which will stay up for seventy-two hours. Corina Ravenscraft (DragonDreams) hosts. I’ll visit sites and comment. We hope you will also visit others and comment on their work, lending support and encouragement and making connection.

If tonight is date-night for you, remember that you do have seventy-two hours to link your work in. It doesn’t have to be a new or recent piece, just something in the spirit of the event, something that expresses your love of our planet.

See you there. Meanwhile, HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! 🙂

Photo credit ~ Tropical Rainforest, Fatu Hiva Island, Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia by Benutzerseite: Makemake via German language Wikipedia under CC A-SA 3.0 Unported license.


  1. It’s a shame I didn’t pick up emails in the right order and am being such a numpty; I just posted a poem for someone (rather than Mother Earth) … must have my stars crossed today! Great and creative idea for Valentine’s Day, Jamie.


    1. Hope all is well with you, John! 🙂
      Well, don’t forget that if you do want to join in you have 72 hours. Doesn’t have to be today. Will check out your post … Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your wife.


      1. Thank you, Jamie. We are well. Hope you are too.

        I have already managed to insert links into the Mr Linky Blenza thingy, but have emailed Corina to see if it’s possible to remove the first, which is the poem about my wife rather than, like the second, one about the planet! Doh!


        1. It’s alright. I’m not sure how you did that. The post will not be up until 7 p.m. PST and that would be about 8.5 hours from now. Corina won’t have access to it until then either. Anyway, no worries. Even if it’s up, I’m not sure there’s a way to delete anything. I’ll look into it. Also, you are always welcome to put in more than one link should you care to. Thanks for participation, John, and your enthusiasm. Later …


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