Ode to a blogger’s page

ScatteredWords (lovely blog) has posted an “Ode to a blogger’s page …” It’s charming. You’ll all appreciated it. Bravo! to this blogger …


7 Comments on “Ode to a blogger’s page

  1. That just about sums it up, Jamie! So true. It is the incredible variety of online friends I have made which make this an addictive business…and the opportunity to watch other lives virtually. We broaden our experience so much.


    • Thank you, Kate! When I read suchled’s poem, I knew I had to share it because it’s so true … and his blog is a nice one.

      Wishing you every good thing, Kate.


  2. Hi Jamie,
    You describe it perfectly. I think of it as magic, or perhaps a miracle that we have this global community of friends, and that it is our words and our stories that have brought us together.


    • Thank you, Naomi! I can’t take credt for this. It is the work of Suchled, another blogger. Lovely and true piece. I had to introduce him here …


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