15 thoughts on “Do you remember going to the library for the first time and getting your happiness card?

  1. I visited St. Petersburg Russia shortly after Perastoika and they were trying to fill libraries. I went with my daughter who had lived there a year and made friends with a woman who allowed us to stay with her. This friend was good friends with a very talented artist, who my daughter also knew from when she lived there. I found out that she became a friend of this artist when she was in university. He had a big library of books that were banned in the USSR and would loan them to her. She would share them with friends so they could discuss them, then take them back for more. Let us never forget how fortunate we are to have access to all books and fight against banning.

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  2. I don’t remember exactly when I got my first library card but I clearly remember Mom taking me to the library every couple of weeks when I was elementary school age and I would get the maximum amount of books that I could. I felt so important to use that card and reading all those books fed my soul. I still love getting lost in a good read. I agree, Jamie, library cards are happiness cards!

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  3. After nursing, I studied and passed the tests the country gave to be a librarian and was interviewed. Of course, didn’t get the job. Sometimes I wonder…if I had life to do over again, this is a consideration.

    BTW, my novel “The Sin of His Father” is free on Kindle today and tomorrow…if you know anyone who might be interested.

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  4. Recently read a story in a back issue of the Sun magazine about how it felt to be denied a library card because the author was at that time homeless. No permanent address; no card. Very sad. Steve often asks me if I remember the day I got my first library card. It seems to be one of only a few specific childhood memories he has himself.

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