8 thoughts on “Guns, more guns, the solution is [not) more guns…

  1. The rest of the world sits in complete amazement that the US can’t come to grips with this problem. What regrets the forefathers must have. They were thinking muskets, not submachine guns. And they’d just come out of a revolution, not the general store. Luckily I know that those who comment here already know this.

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    • That’s all true, Peggy, and most people do recognize that. You’re right. However, changing things is not as simple as knowing the roots of the Second Amendment “right to bare arms.” That issue is not really what stands in the way of better gun control. Ninety percent of Americans want stricter gun-control laws and yet our legislators have chosen not to hear the voice of the people. The people are fighting the oligarics and the industry that manufactures guns, their army of lobbyists, the monied advocacy groups and the legislators who are in the pockets of industry and special interest groups. We are fighting the disassembling of our mental health system in the ’60s and problems with our education system and youth and adults who are disaffected, unhappy and without hope or employment for reasons too complicated to detail here. It is all much more complex and dirty than it might appear to be on the surface.

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