Daily Archives: July 12, 2016

“You can say anything you want, yes sir, but it’s the words that sing, they soar and they descend ….. I bow to them . . . I cling to them, I run them down, I bite into them . . I love words so much … The ones I wait for greedily … they glitter like colored stones, they leap like silver fish… They are foam, thread, metal, dew … I… Read More

this is no city of ultimate bliss*, though the traffic is backed up to kingdom come and the streets are a scrimmage, full and rough, teeming with feral bits of hope and hunger the people here are virtuous though, ripe with love for one another, for Christ and music hear the music winding, insinuating and tumbling from la iglesia y las casas the rents are morbidly obese, don’t you know? though the wages and hours are skeletal too often along B Street and… Read More