Daily Archives: July 16, 2016

“Sometimes when I’m alone I Cry, Cause I am on my own. The tears I cry are bitter and warm. They flow with life but take no form I Cry because my heart is torn. I find it difficult to carry on. If I had an ear to confide in, I would cry among my treasured friend, but who do you know that stops that long, to help another carry on. The… Read More

They come like thistle and thorn, and write their rage upon my body. They come like locusts and feed on the fields of my soul. Like the angry storm, they drown me. Like the desert sands, they suffocate me. They see me, a little person of little consequence … a girl Just a trinket, a toy, a receptacle, something to sell, buy, trade or marry-off prematurely, without my say. But hear me,… Read More