img_3273In the broad sleepy range of memory
I found us on that first day, awakening
in the garden where history understands
us at our beginning and colored his
name weakness and mine infamy.
It made him the scabbard for the
sword of division and formed my flesh
into a chalice for new life and hope.
It wasn’t knowledge but knowing we
sought and still find on the tree of life
as we pass through the eons, melting
the moments into nameless gardens and
the freedoms that come without words.

– Jamie Dedes


What do you think? Is it knowledge or knowing that we seek in Life or some combination of the two? Share your thoughts in poetry or prose. If you feel comfortable, post your poem or the link to it in the comments below so that we might all enjoy it.

51u0fnastll-_sx309_bo1204203200_The recommended read for this week is Ted Kooser’s The Poetry Home Repair Manual: Practical Advice for Beginning Poets.  There’s so much I like about this manual.  For one thing, Ted assumes that if you are a heavy-duty reader, you already know quite a bit.  After all, one of the best ways to learn to write is to read. He operates on the moral principle that if you have a gift then you have the obligation to offer something by way of giving back. He says, “I hope I won’t exhaust your patience” and he doesn’t. He assumes that our goal is to reach others and to move them, so there is a great deal of emphasis on the relationship between the poet and her reader. He discusses our job as poet – not money, not fame – but “to serve the poems we write.”  This perspective makes reading and working with Ted Kooser’s The Poetry Home Repair Manual a refreshing guide to the poetic terrain for both budding and experienced writers interested in creating work that is fulfilling and truly artistic.

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  1. And here is mine Jamie….

    day 7 .

    while all around is broken, shall we mend

    and tidy this little bit.

    shall we change the linen, white and clean.

    lean toward a better place round us, start again?

    shall i sleep , stay quiet and try to understand

    some things, knowing i will never know it all.

    shall i love thee not in any biblical sense,

    for our minds have changed irrevocably.

    click here and you will find some meaning

    at least.

    i have started a new pattern, using a plainer

    stitch for strength and stability.



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  2. Here’s mine Jamie:

    Would It Were That Easy

    to know what each breath brings
    and what it takes away.

    to guess what ground your feet
    falls upon, and how safe it is.

    to hear another’s hidden half
    and hold it close to your own.

    to taste a new fragrance, but still
    have faith in your old senses.

    to inhale new knowledge
    and not be afraid to lose it
    when you breathe it out.

    to know easiness does not come
    easy and needs to settle in.

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