Last Wednesday’s Writing Prompt was Eve’s Apologetic.

Ocean Current of Life

Knowledge is like that of a strong ocean current
undulating through the movement of life
& can be accessed of books, of people
or held tight in a Pandora’s box

our need to know like the curiosity of a cat
hoping that understanding will follow
& fall into place like that of
a lost puzzle piece

completing the picture of endless possibilities
it is the chord binding us all together
& can be a solace in understanding
or pose queries in knowing

© March 2017 Renee Espriu

c796b9e96120fdf0ce6f8637fa73483cRENEE ESPRIU (Renee Just Turtle Flight) is a busy poet and artist. She’s the only other person I’ve ever met whose totem is Turtle (hence the title of her blog), an earthy symbol. Poetry is one of the more perfect vocations for a Turtle. Renee’s bio is HERE.

day 7 .

while all around is broken, shall we mend

and tidy this little bit.

shall we change the linen, white and clean.

lean toward a better place round us, start again?

shall i sleep , stay quiet and try to understand

some things, knowing i will never know it all.

shall i love thee not in any biblical sense,

for our minds have changed irrevocably.

click here and you will find some meaning

at least.

i have started a new pattern, using a plainer

stitch for strength and stability.


© Sonjia Benskin Mesher

sonjabenskinmesher2011Sonja Benskin Mesher‘s ( is a woman of many talents including Asemic Writing. You’ll find samples of her Asemic Writing by rummaging around HERE. Sonja’s bio is HERE.

Would It Were That Easy

to know what each breath brings
and what it takes away.

to guess what ground your feet
falls upon, and how safe it is.

to hear another’s hidden half
and hold it close to your own.

to taste a new fragrance, but still
have faith in your old senses.

to inhale new knowledge
and not be afraid to lose it
when you breathe it out.

to know easiness does not come
easy and needs to settle in.

© Paul Brookes

unnamedPAUL BROOKES (The Wombwell Rainbow).  A prodigious writer, Paul has held many day jobs, but still he poems on. Bravo, Paul! His bio is HERE.

The recommended read for this week is Elizabeth Bishop: A Miracle for Breakfast by Pulitzer Prize winning Megan Marshall who studied with Bishop at Harvard. This biography is richly spun,  energetic, engaging and even inspirational despite the breathtaking depth of Bishop’s losses, her sense of marginalization and her head-long push into alcoholism. Indeed, some of the inspiration comes because with all her loses, Bishop managed to hold poetry tight. Her poems were for her a charm “against the loneliness they often expressed.” The book covers Bishop’s relationships with other poets and her romantic interests, the last was for me the singular wearisome downside, much overrided though by the book’s pleasures and values. It is laced with Marshall’s own stories and together the lives of these two bare witness to the power of words to give shape, sense and meaning to life. We come away with a strong sense of Elizabeth Bishop, one of America’s most extraordinary poets. A page-turner. A must read or everyone who loves and writes poetry.

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