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No illusions, no illusions, no lies, no softened truths, no tears, no bargains, though sun shines and birds sing, Winter is here, I know. Spring danced like wild flowers in the wind, held dew and promise and wore the colors of her heart like jewels. She hadn’t heard the word defeat and didn’t feel hate or anger. Spring liked to play and romp and sing and hung her question on a tree to… Read More

WEDNESDAY WRITING PROMPT May 24, 2017: Tell us in poem or prose what it feels like to be you on your best day. It’s always interesting to see how different are the responses to the same prompt. Bravo, poets!  Enjoy, readers! J.D. as you take the road to Paradise  about half-way there you come to an inn which even as inns go is admirable you go into the garden of it and see… Read More

day comes when your waist disappears, your glow grows from a tiny zygote to full-fledged fetus and then, all at once, you can no longer bend or lay flat in bed, you go on as you started, exchanging secret messages with the promised child ~ and now, the miraculous moment, you move from one into two, the nine-month stretch along the pathway of life and hope, birthing a new generation: your handsome boy, lion maned, his fingers grasping your heart, launched, from dark into light, washed… Read More

CALLS FOR SUBMISSIONS Opportunity Knocks ONE, an online poetry journal published by Jacar Press, A Community-Active Literary Press: One, is open for submissions year-round, except for brief periods when an issue is in process. Poets may submit one poem for consideration per issue. There is no fee to submit. One publishes emerging as well as established poets. Further details   HERE. DoveTale JOURNAL, An International Journal of the Arts stated mission is to “promote writing that explores the many… Read More