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walking up the beach and i discover i’ve mistaken my bone for shell, my blood for the tides my naked footprints are lost with the glyphs a plover left behind, her message wave-washed into the bay and out to sea feet salted and sandy, hair damp from the glaucous spray skin caramel under noon sun © 2017, poem and photograph of the beach in San Francisco along Lincoln Highway near the Cliff… Read More

Over his morning coffee he sat, dreaming of yesterday’s spring and the hill country of his youth, remembering summers of peace and autumn days when he thought life a forever thing. The world lay before him then, a ripe field awaiting harvest. Now beside this sad cup, a winter hand, so withered and so gray, an old man’s hand he barely recognized as his own. Then his gaze found her playful smile. In the hazel warmth of… Read More

THE LAST WEDNESDAY WRITING PROMPT June 21: Times and places of peace leave no scars to jog our memories and stoke the fires of our hope. Remember peace or imagine it: What would a world at peace look like? My own poem that accompanied the prompt was about re-imagining a war torn place – Syria – into peace. Some have taken the prompt and pointed it at inner peace or the personal experience… Read More

Important Note: I value encouraging and supporting other poets and writers and sharing helpful news and information. For clarity and accuracy, if you have announcements to share the preferred method is to send complete information to Honestly, I find messaging cumbersome, hard to read and track, time-consuming and complicated by some personal challenges: mild dyslexia, poor vision and hand and finger tremors. Publication is subject to editorial discretion. Addendum to last Sunday’s Announcements: CONTEST… Read More