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Opportunity Knocks

THE MUSE, An International Journal of Poetry publishes two journals a year and accepts submissions rom July 1- November 10 for December and January 1- May 10 for June. Details HEREThe Muse has a call open for its fourth annual anthology.  Details HERE.

THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF POETRY is published twice-a-year.  Both emerging and established poets are featured. There are no style or form restrictions and long poems are welcome. There is a reading fee of $5. Submission Guidelines are HERE.

QUIDDITY International Literary Journal and Public-Radio Program “is a multimedia arts venue featuring an international literary journal (print and audio), a public-radio program, and a visiting writer and artist series.  Quiddity is published and produced in partnership with NPR member/PRI affiliate WUIS, Illinois Public Radio’s hub-station.” Quiddity features prose, poetry and poetry for radio broadcast. Reading period ends December 15. Details HERE.

THOMAS McSWEENEY’S QUARTERLY CONCERN! publishes fiction and nonfiction. Details HERE “Poetry can be wonderful, but is not something we publish in the Quarterly. Please send completed book-length poetry manuscripts to”

VOICEMAIL POEMS “was created by jamie mortara during National Poetry Month in April 2012 with a simple idea: Set up a phone number (1-910-703-POEM) for people to call and share their poetry.” Submission guidelines HERE.

THE BeZINE submissions for the June 2017 issues (theme: Environmental Justice/Climate Change: Farming and Access to Water) should be in by June 10th latest.  Publication date is June 15th. Poetry, essays, fiction and creative nonfiction, art and photography, music (videos), and whatever lends itself to online presentation is welcome for consideration. Please check out a few issues first and the Intro./Mission Statement and Submission Guidelines. No demographic restrictions.

PRETTY OWL POETRY, an online quarterly journal, is supportive of emerging and established writers. This zine publishes poetry, fiction and visual arts, all style and artistic collaborations. The editors say they like “something shameful. something surreal. a deluge of desire. confessions of crimes & hearts teeming with rattlesnakes. a merry-go-round that makes you dizzy.” Submission guidelines HERE

THE YALE REVIEW offers no formal guidelines other than reading their journal before submitting, which is really a basic rule for every magazine whether stated explicitly or not. Editor: J.D.McClatchy. Editorial contact is HERE.

580 SPLIT is a publication of Mills College in Oakland, California. Calls for submissions are open now for Issue 19 (2016/2017). The top submission in seach category will receive a cash prize. Categories are: long and short form fiction, creative non-fiction, essays, novel/graphic novel excerpts, poetry, visual/digital art, conceptual art and design, photography, comics, interviews, scripts, transcripts, translations, Details HERE.

GETTYSBURG REVIEW, a publication of Gettysburg College, is published quarterly. The reading period for poetry, fiction and essays is September 1st – May 31st.  Submission guidelines HERE.

POST-TRUTH is a website started on U.S. inauguration day, which “invites artists, filmmakers, writers, scholars, to contribute work reflecting on living in a post-truth society. We hope this can be a site and community where artists can know that their work related to the times we live in will be shown, heard and respected.” Check it out HERE.

THE MATADOR REVIEW is an online literature and art quarterly featuring fiction and creative non-fiction, flash fiction and poetry. Submissions for issue 5 (Summer 2017) will close on May 31. Details HERE.


NEW LETTERS MAGAZINE sponsors awards for writers – poetry, fiction and nonfiction – of $1,500 each. Entry fees of $20 and $15. Deadline May 18th  for the 2017 awards. Details HERE.


NORTHEAST POPULAR CULTURE ASSOCIATION CONFERENCE – WORLD LITERATURE welcomes papers that explore both individual works of world literature as well as contemporary issues in the field of World Literature.  Questions under consideration could include how to understand what world literature is, how best to teach works of world literature as well as the exploration of current trends in postcolonial, world and comparative literatures. Deadline June 1 for the fall conference, October 27 – 28 at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA. Details HERE.

For more calls for papers on a range of topics link HERE.



Kudos and congratulations to Krysia Jopek on the debut of her new online publication, DIAPHANOUS PRESS on May 15, 2017 at Noon, U.S. Eastern Standard Time at

This  biannual journal publishes and promotes contemporary experimental and postmodern literary and visual artists side by side in a free publication.The name “DIAPHANOUS” implies Krysia’s desire to showcase finely crafted literary and visual art that has a life of its own independent of the artist or author and is not completely transparent or “accessible.” Not that the work is purposely abstruse but that the work requires the reader or viewer to determine its possible meanings through interaction with it. This kind of art is not disposable–it demands to be read and viewed repeatedly because of its power to arrest, engage, and “haunt” the reader/viewer.

Krysia Jopek, the founder and editor of Diaphonous Press offers thanks to contributing editor Michael Dickel, specifically for his WordPress design help in making this labor of love an online reality; Poetry Editor Thato Andreas Mokotjo, a young, South African poet and passionate poetry enthusiast; her remarkable staff of Contributing Editors: Meg Harris, Dale Houstman, James Audio, Kinga Fabó, and Eric Traska—in addition to all of the supportive writers and artists included in the debut issue of Diaphanous Press as well as everyone supportive of its vision of poetics / aesthetics.

Submissions Page:


Kudos to JORDAN BLUM (The Bookends Review) for his cover to cover interview of MICHAEL DICKEL (Meta/Por(e(/Play). It’s an absolutely delightful and wide-ranging discussion about books, music, poetry and more.  Check it out HERE.

THE BOOKENDS REVIEW: “Founded in 2012, The Bookends Review is an independent creative arts journal dedicated to bringing you the best original fiction, nonfiction, poetry, interviews, essays, book reviews, and visual/musical works from around the world.”  Link HERE.

JORDAN BLUM holds an MFA in fiction and teaches composition and creative writing at several colleges/universities. He’s published creative and/or scholarly pieces in several places/

Writer and photographer MICHAEL DICKEL has work in several print and online publications. He co-edited Voices Israel Volume 36 (2010), and was managing editor for arc-23 and -24. His most recent book, The Palm Reading after The Toad’s Garden, came out in 2016. Previous books are: War Surrounds Us, Midwest / Mid-East, and The World Behind It, Chaos… He has taught at colleges and universities in both Israel and the U.S. Michael is a contributing editor to The BeZine.


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