maybe a thing about particles and waves
or wave-particles and the way light works
and moves, the way soulmates’ eyes ignite
from moon dust, the way some ancient god
smiled and blinked, flicked an able wrist
to strew some billion stars across a
darkly barren sky, then asked his goddess
to suspend the amber moon …
its caress so softly lighted, it stirred
the hearts of night-blooming lovers

but surely …

surely the years run like the cheetah and
soon-or-late some hearts quake asunder,
just as surely as moon dust and starlight and
the way a true love fills in the fault lines

© 2013, poem, Jamie Dedes, All rights reserved‘ Photo courtesy of morgueFile


What are you’re thoughts on soulmates? Tells us in prose or poem. If you feel comfortable, leave your work or a link to it in the comments below.  All shared work will be featured on this site next Tuesday.

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  1. My second response Jamie.

    The To And Fro

    to and fro the iron
    over bedsheets, his shirts,
    as she stands three hours

    hot poker of pain
    in the small of her back,
    lists what else to do,

    take down window nets,
    wash and iron,
    vax front room,
    lug it upstairs for bedroom,
    hoover front room,
    lug it upstairs for bedroom
    clean windows inside
    to and fro,
    to and fro
    polish beneath knick knacks
    bought on holiday,
    to and fro
    strip and remake beds,
    make his tea,
    always meat and two veg

    He arrives home and says,
    “What have you ever done for me?”

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  2. Thanks Jamie. Hope all is well? Here is the first response.

    . abridged .

    she said they were soul mates, with a yorkshire accent.

    both much the same. it lasted a while with ups & downs.

    the usual.

    then it ended.

    this is the shorter version.


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  3. Here’s my response Jamie:


    She loves him
    though he is water.

    Her mam says “When I gift you
    a fishes tail it will hurt
    every time you use it
    to and fro like a wave.

    It’ll seem to him
    a beckoning.

    I’ll give you a tongue.
    Every time you sing to him
    you’ll drown a little more.

    You’ll have each other,
    but I’ll lose you.”

    Paul Brookes

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