to the sweet past
to the savory present
to the hopeful future


According to Wikipedia, among Argentine Jews, the Spanish name Jaime (xajme, a Spanish cognate of James) is often chosen for its phonetic similarity to Haim (life). I should change my name from Jamie to Jaime!

I believe “l’chaim” is generally used at weddings though it appears to have a complex history. At any rate, I have taken some liberty here.

© 2017, poem, Jamie Dedes; photograph courtesy of morgueFile


To Life and To Blessings

With all the horrors in the news these days, there are still moments of peace, hearts at peace, sweet and savory pleasures and we haven’t lost our hope for the future.  This week write a poetic toast to Life, to all that is good and blessed and persists even in the face of tragedy. If you are comfortable, please share your work on theme or a link to it in the comments section below. All work shared will be published here next Tuesday.



  1. there was a time

    when one bottle of wine
    seemed as if it was going to last forever;
    the one I’m thinking of (purchased
    one dinnertime in summer at 7/6d)
    occupied a space in my life
    a mile high and spanned the gap
    all the way to Tibet; as you drank a glass
    that dinnertime it seemed to refill itself
    from the dregs of love

    when one kiss would last
    as long as the Rachmaninov cello sonata
    whenever you put the record
    on the turntable and let the needle fall –
    obliterated in the so well-known cadences
    which I could have been whistling
    had my lips not been squashed against hers

    when a bicycle ride would construct a day
    down to the sea and back
    across the long valley and over the downs –
    magic ride often repeated –
    I fill it from these dregs of memory


    From forthcoming book of pomes

    NOTE: 7/6d old money in 1964 = what would be 36p now
    = after inflation in 2017 £6.80 = US$ 8.80

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  2. My first response Jamie …

    #An appeal to endure #

    A dark tunnel
    A murky avenue
    A lunatic   storm
    Puzzled looks
    Embarrassed scenes
    Pixilated hearts
    A giggling child
    A lotus pond
    A blooming daffodil
    Vanished agony
    Annihilated pain
    An appeal to endure …
    Kakali Das Ghosh

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  3. I had forgotten how many happy poems I had. I promise this is the last:

    In A Hush

    of winter
    from bare limbs silhouetted

    against a grey sky
    a sudden voice
    from tiny lungs

    your full heart lifts
    as if the tree had blossomed

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  4. Here’s my response –

    The world thrives on stories of hope,

    Little cracked,but surviving homes;

    I live each moment in awe

    From when life picked me first

    So out of line, yet so full of want;

    You are home to me,my world,

    The only constant reminder,

    My prayers and wishes answered;

    No matter what changes around,

    Am blessed;love can be found

    If you raise a toast for the gifts

    That equally to strangers, you receive to give.

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  5. Hi Jamie,

    My third and last response:


    You’re such a klutz!
    as I pull out my wallet
    and silver coin falls out

    I hold your warm hand
    after all these years
    and something passes
    something does not fall


    Magic a grandkids hug
    Round the middle
    Softens sharp nails
    Smooths frayed edges

    Unaware hug anyway
    any how whatever any why
    all hammering
    all awkward shaving down.

    Gone in an instant.
    Grandkids hugs should be
    ever prescribed
    On NHS

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  6. Hi Jamie,

    This is my second response:

    A Breathless

    small boy in an angry bird t shirt,
    mock flight jacket,
    Hawaiian shorts and trainers
    bursts into the shop shouting

    I’ve got fifty pee.”

    I reply that we close at eight,
    so he has an hour.

    “Just ran all way here.
    What can I buy? he asks
    mouth open before a wall of sweets.

    I show him in one corner trays full
    of small chocolate eggs at 49p.
    “Yes. Yes one of these.”

    His delight makes me smile.

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  7. second response….

    .the year.

    gently go forward, then gently back
    recreating past deeds and misdemenours
    you thought forgotten.

    gently go forward knowing we are mostly
    all the same, with motes not spoken of,
    except disorder.

    gently it passed behind you, seen
    clearly while looking for god.

    gently gather winter leaves to keep
    in paper bags. these are the golden
    days .

    my friend.


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  8. Hi Jamie,
    Here’s my first response:

    A Little Girl

    places an autumn oak leaf
    in all its yellow and red on my conveyor belt.

    I consider my potential responses:

    Sorry love you can’t buy that here.

    Sorry love it has no barcode, so won’t go through.

    That’s a free gift from nature, love.

    At the finish I advise

    Sorry you can’t put that through, love

    and she removes the leaf from the belt.

    At the finish it is all child’s play
    in the adult buy and sell.

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  9. Thanks Jamie……my first response…. & heaven..

    I have been away, this is the first day back.

    not floods, yet death, and roofs flying, to produce home less ness.

    I understand nothing of your situation, yet I know some stuff, and mostly i can only listen.

    I guess we have to help ourselves. I met some good people away.


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