Monthly Archives: December 2017

“I give you this to take with you: Nothing remains as it was. If you know this, you can begin again with pure joy in the uprooting.” Judith Minty, Letters to My Daughters I am on vacation through January 3, 2018. Wednesday Writing Prompt will resume on January 3rd. Sunday Announcements will resume on January 7th. The BeZine will go to a quarterly schedule in 2018: March 2018 issue, Deadline February 10th. Theme: Peace. June… Read More

“The spiritual life . . . is not achieved by denying one part of life for the sake of another. The spiritual life is achieved only by listening to all of life and learning to respond to each of its dimensions wholly and with integrity.” Sister Joan D. Chittister, Wisdom Distilled from the Daily: Living the Rule of St. Benedict Today The theme this month is “Spiritual Paradigms, Awakenings, Miracles.”  I expected to get… Read More

Look to the light, the light in the window, The simple lit candles that shimmer and shine. The message is clear as simple lit candles, The passion for freedom is yours and is mine. – Rabbi Dan Grossman December is a month rich in the holy days of the Abrahamic traditions. Jews celebrate Hanukkah, a commemoration of the Jewish reclamation of The Temple of Jerusalem in 164 B.C.E. Christians celebrate Advent – a period of… Read More

Regular Wednesday Writing Prompts will resume on January 3, 2018. This thoughtful piece is shared here with Michael’s permission. It was originally published on his blog, Dreaming the World. Well, the weather turned warm again, with a bit of rain; now the temperature is dropping slowly and there are hints of blue through the overcast. There are rumors of a snowstorm next week and more before Christmas. We shall see. Here in… Read More