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no mendacity in the natural world, just an untamed grace in the meditative industry of ants, in the peaceable company of small creatures going about the business of food finding and mating and homemaking in the loam of this province, the republic of innocence here is the satisfying beauty of sunrise, of jacaranda as she paints joy on a blue dawn; robin with russet-hued breast hunts for worms, her instinctive motherhood proud… Read More

  MICHAEL DICKEL a poet, fiction writer, and photographer, has taught at various colleges and universities in Israel and the United States. Dickel’s writing, art, and photographs appear in print and online. His poetry has won international awards and been translated into several languages. His chapbook, Breakfast at the End of Capitalism came out from Locofo Chaps in 2017. Is a Rose Press released his most recent full-length book (flash fiction), The Palm Reading… Read More

As always I am fascinated by how varied are the responses and interpretations of a given prompt, in this case Ms. Weary’s Blues, January 24. No newcomers took up the challenge this time round but we have engaging – even intriguing – responses from Colin Blundell, bogpan, Paul Brooks, Kakali Das Ghosh, Renee Espriu, Sheila Jacob, Sonia Benskin Mesher and Anjum Wasim Dar.  Thanks to these intrepid and talented poets for coming out to… Read More

I appreciate the sentiment of the intro and poem and they are shared here with Tony’s permission. How nice to learn in the process of acquiring consent to publish that Tony has several self-published collections and a ninety-four page epic poem, Me, ME and Not Me, was published by Waterloo Press, 2014. / J.D. How to find the right balance in a poem? How to deal poetically with the worst that mankind can inflict… Read More