Daily Archives: March 28, 2019

“What Do the Trees Know? What do the trees know? To bend when all the wild winds blow. Roots are deep and time is slow. All we grasp we must let go. What do the trees know? Buds can weather ice and snow. Dark gives way to sunlight’s glow. Strength and stillness help us grow.” © Joyce Sidman, Winter Bees & Other Poems of the Cold [a free read if you have Amazon… Read More

The year we shaped our lives in the redwood forest, you brought a wounded salamander inside to heal. We gathered woodsy things, thistles and pinecones. We made rose-hip syrup, dried the last of the herbs. I decorated the cabin in an ensemble of earth tones, a spicy blend to match the fires you built in the hearth and the scent of the East in the ma’amoul baking. Our seasonal hibernation was swathed… Read More