A poem and some thoughts from Anjum Ji … Enjoy!


70788069_2402960649973716_7547164292567531520_n‘Write about your writing place’ was the prompt’ A Place to write is a Place to Shine’, I my writing itself involved me to such an extent that I missed sending a response. Well, I thought I would carve a piece out of my writing repertoire itself , present and share it with my readers, so here goes….

A Poem First

Each moment each day
as words come and play
move around right and left
settle down in words inset
take my thoughts feelings
hold my heart when it is
reeling, gather my tears
as they slide with fears
letter by letter line by line
‘like a bridge over troubled
waters’, they lay themselves
on the page smiling, doubled
and I smile back at them
meet them with my watery
eyes,again and again, to
remain beside and be at peace

I once wrote the following story….

Your writing place…

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