Noteworthy comments on publishing experience, which you will see if you link through to Anne’s site. (The automatic reblog feature didn’t pick up on that part of the article.)  Thank you, Anne Copeland. Well done.

All in a Day's Breath


Pumpkins are magical. They herald in the autumn; they fulfill our needs to create art related to the season and to celebrate it. We fill them with light to welcome others to our homes, and to provide the way from home to home as we gather treats for the season. We have all kinds of celebrations for them from competitions for the largest or best pumpkin to the best decorated pumpkins to pie baking and pie eating competitions. We listen in awe to their amazing history and laugh at their folklore. We begin to invite friends and relatives to luscious dinners featuring this wonderful orange treat. Pumpkins warm our hearts as the autumn begins to bring the chill air. We invite you into the welcoming pages of this book, and to fill your souls with all the good things you remember, and your stomachs with the most delightful…

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  1. One of the things I LOVE about the blogs is the way we all have become human again, and we support the efforts of each other and write the most beautiful and memorable things. I came from the era of letter writing, and I so miss that wonderful time. Yes, I lived to see the birth of the huge computers that took up whole gigantic rooms and had to be “programmed” to do the simplest of things. I lived through the punch cards, which took all the humanity away from computing, and those miles and miles of meaningless symbols on papers that the big giants would spit out. Well, it was an era, but nothing has come close to replacing the wonderful experiences that letter writing brought us all. Today on the Social Media, everything moves at warp speed, and there is so much hostility if you accidentally say some words that no one else likes, and you don’t know what those words might be until you have said them. It is a time where language consists of letters that mean things, but there is something dreadful, like the book 1984, where the lack of the true beauty and depth of writing has left and people are reduced to listening to their players jammed in their ears, writing to cell phones and murmuring letters and numbers and short words that have lost all their colors.

    When the computer was first coming into use by everyday people, I envisioned that it might be a good thing because of the fact that people could then not see each other to see body language, and so perhaps there would not be the animosity that existed with person to person interactions. What was I thinking? Perhaps I had never seen road rage, where the people raging behind the windshields of their cars are comparable to the babies playing Hide and Seek, believing that if they close their eyes, you can’t see them.

    We have come a long way since I was a child, playing safely in the streets with other children long after the light had left the sky. Thank all of you I have met who blog. You are the hope of the world. I wish each and every one of you a happy Autumn.

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    1. Hi, Anne! Thanks for your lovely comment. Am having a challenging few days here, but I’ll get back to you soon by email. Got your email, by the way. Happy Autumn Day to you as well. Warmly, J.D.

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