“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” Dr. Seuss, Happy Birthday to You!

If you get another chance,
don’t try harder and longer
don’t shoot for perfection
forego known stresses and strains

Throw caution out with the trash
make mistakes and skip Mass
giggle at everything or nothing
be a champion risk-taker

If you get another chance
eat lots of birthday cake
laugh out loud and
cry when you need to·

Kiss the earth and hug the sky
travel as light as you can
coddle your feet in sensible shoes
never ever live without a cat

If you get another chance
savor the beach and its sands
get high on the scent of bread baking
swim at sunrise and dance at dusk

Be sure with another chance
to take more lovers
make more babies
and never marry or tarry too long

if you get another chance, be the youest You!

© 2011, Jamie Dedes

Originally published in Brooklyn Memories


An easy prompt this week: What would you do – differently or the not – if you got another shot at this life. Tell us in your poem/s.

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Jamie Dedes. I’m a freelance writer, poet, content editor, and blogger. I also manage The BeZine and its associated activities and The Poet by Day jamiededes.com, an info hub for writers meant to encourage good but lesser-known poets, women and minority poets, outsider artists, and artists just finding their voices in maturity. The Poet by Day is dedicated to supporting freedom of artistic expression and human rights and encourages activist poetry.  Email thepoetbyday@gmail.com for permissions, commissions, or assignments.

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“Every pair of eyes facing you has probably experienced something you could not endure.”  Lucille Clifton


  1. I Guess

    I guess it’s too late
    To live in Nashville
    and become a star

    I guess it’s too late
    To sing on the You
    Can Be a Star show
    Since it officially
    ended in 1989.

    I guess it’s too late
    for that demo tape
    To be found like
    Lost treasure and fall
    into the right hands

    I guess it’s too late
    To record another
    Gospel tune for
    my listening
    Audience to hear

    But it sure would
    have been fun to
    Be on that TV show
    after my demo tape
    Was accepted

    I guess it’s too late
    To live in Nashville
    and become a star

    Or is it too late?

    By Denise Fletcher

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    by Clarissa Simmens (c) 2018

    O, that moment of imminent action
    When a confluence of worlds intersect
    All is possible
    Like The Death of Socrates
    As he reaches for his hemlock
    Iconic cup of forced suicide
    What will he do? Recant?
    It would change history
    But the speechifying continues
    Outcome clear
    “Don’t!” I shout to the painting
    As if there is no known conclusion
    Might as well scream at the hero of a horror flick
    “Don’t go down the cellar/up the attic/outside to the shed”
    And now, in modern times
    I find myself screaming at the dumb teenager:
    “Charge your phone!”

    O that special moment
    Time etched on canvas in paint
    And the Universe holds its breath
    As I hesitate
    And then say, “Sure, we might as well get married”
    Maybe not as important as Hector
    About to be murdered by Achilles
    Can he surrender and live to fight
    Another day?
    And why do I
    Focus on marriage?
    Surely I regret giving up
    Guitar, writing, tarot
    Perhaps it’s just feeling Blue
    During this Red, Green and Gold holiday
    But junctures appear, innocently beckoning
    And I so wish there had been
    A painting depicting that imminent action
    Something I could have studied and thought about
    Before opening my mouth
    And just maybe
    Unlike Socrates and Hector
    That moment could have been deflected
    A lone laser point harmlessly careening
    Into endless space…

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  3. ..lindisfarne..

    it was you that made me do it

    think back

    and wonder if it could have 

    been different.

    it could have

    been better.

    except it is what it is,

    and was just what it was.

    i do not expect to time travel

    i do not expect a change in history

    any time


    she said that we were young then.

    i do not remember that i think

    i always felt older

    i did not ever feel that young thing

    except that day with you at sea

    when after

    they all shouted at me.

    come away with me to lindisfarne

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  4. Tantrums, and cries
    Capture hearts
    So let it be
    A bolt from blue
    Say “Hi”
    Well, you have got “Nothing” to say ….yeah
    Then you tell me that
    You don’t tell us “Sorry”
    Join in our circle of friends
    Let’s talk ….yeah
    Let sags of your face rise and fall
    More and more
    Say “Hi”
    Well, brace yourself to love
    And make it a plan but little sense ….yeah
    More and more
    If you get another chance
    Tantrums, and cries
    Capture hearts
    So let it be
    A bolt from blue
    Say “Hi”

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  5. >> another chance >>

    ah john

    you ask what would i do different

    if i could change the past

    i cannot change it yet look to the future

    to have more care and education for all

    folk to understand have empathy

    be kind

    & let us keep it simple

    maybe the creatures have good ideas

    & go to bed when dark ; don’t destroy

    the earth

    the air smells good in the new book shop

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  6. gratitude and positivity from LA ❤


    if the rust stained bones in my frame
    where to ever get a chance again
    to glide across the universe
    look into Pandora’s jet white eyes
    and smell the lighted stars
    like people sniff the roses
    my soul to keep i’d give away
    to plug the holes
    and pave new ways
    for dusk to kiss the lonely hearts
    for dawn to inter the bitter crop
    from where my old roots are rotted
    i’d be a renegade of love again
    with bombs of ear drums
    i would fight
    to give a spot to everyone
    in God’s angelic choir
    if the sacred morning dew
    can forgive me
    for not being wide awake
    in baptizing my sinful state
    in the worldly river of life
    reason being i was up all night
    marching behind my sisters and brothers
    blinded by the poisoned dark
    with intent to guide them out
    of their imposed upon madness
    or if the maidens of the light
    would prefer to bring me back
    i would want to be
    a lightning bolt
    looking to correct
    the wicked negatives of the cold hard ground
    with the positives in the celestial clouds
    to quench the crops of kindness
    that are drying out
    yet in all honesty
    i’d be more than content
    to come back as a rainbow colored bubble
    making some kid laugh

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  7. Respected Jamie Ji

    On a Positive Note

    If ever I get the chance
    to make a fresh start

    I will go all the way to Rabat-
    wearing a jambart, will keep
    and push a tea -cart, serving all
    in the street and ghat

    my currency will be Thai Baht
    will make many and sell, tarts
    in bazars and all marts
    will accept the Burmese Kyat

    then love to rest under Green heart
    and wish for a trip to Kalat
    but before I depart I will
    listen to Beethoven and Mozart

    fill a large apple cart
    dress up very very smart
    will go slow not dart
    outsmart all,this will be

    my restart

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  8. Hi Jamie. Here’s my “Another Chance” poem:

    A Girl Named Truth
    By Alethea Kehas

    She would have been a wild child
    Wind-blown without temperance
    She would have held her truth
    high like a flag, running
    Her feet scraped raw
    Her words etched into never-ending
    Wonder. She would have gulped life
    Ever-thirsty Her heart, the drum of Earth
    River-blood in her veins
    She would never stop
    Until she flew wings
    Cutting gravity. Each slice pushing
    Her higher. Lungs becoming sky
    So vast and blue she would not know
    Ending, She would have been

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