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“Poems are like dreams: in them you put what you don’t know you know.” Adrienne Rich, Arts of the Possible: Essays and Conversations

Womawords, an international eZine based in Africa, is the creative child of multi-award winning Zimbabwean poet in exile, Mbizo Chirasha.  It was established to support women and girls through the publication of activist poetry by women.  Current projects are Womawords companion publication, Liberating Voices Journal, and the newly founded Womawords Hall of Fame.

The Womawords Hall of Fame seeks to amplify women’s voices through literary and other arts and comprises representatives from around the globe: writers, poets, editors, and mentors among others.

The recently published first 2020 issue of Liberating Voices Journal features profiles of and poems by the women in Womawords Hall of Fame.

1.Doleres Meden, Northern Europe Associate, Sweden
2. Ambily Omanakuttan, India Associate , India
3.Nancy Ndeke, African Continent Associate, Kenya
4.Awadifo Olga Kili, Young Writers Representative, Uganda
5.Anjum Dar Wasim, Contributing Writer, Pakistan
6. Melissa Begley, #DaughtersoftheEarth Project, Southern United States
7. Jamie Dedes, Wombawords 2020 Poet Laureate
8.Tracy Yvonne Breazile, Guest Mentor in Residence
9.Samuella Conteh, Contributing Writer, West Africa
10.Beulah Kleinveldt, Contributing Writer, South Africa
11.Hokis, Guest Brand and Arts Writer
12.Beatrice Othieno- Ahere, Contributing Writer, Kenya
13.Omwa Ombara , Africa in Diaspora Associate
14.Catherine Magodo-Mutukwa, Contributing Writer in Zimbabwe
15.Kari Krenn, South America Associate , Argentina
16.Munia Khan, Contributing Writer , Bangladesh
17.Miroslava Panayotova, Eastern Europe Associate

You can read the profiles and sample poetry HERE.

The Ramingo’s Porch Staff (Mendes Biondo is the poetry editor) announce:

It’s time to submit again! But there are a few things that are changed here. You used to know The Ramingo’s Porch as a quarterly printed magazine. Due to high shipping costs, we decided to change it into an e-magazine, publishing selected submissions continuously.

Now let’s see how to submit your writings to us.

1) The email is always the same: ramingoblog@gmail.com. Send your submissions with your first name and surname in the object of the mail along with the kind of submission you’re sending. For example:

Mendes Biondo – Poetry

2) Put all your writings (up to five) into one file. We are able to read doc., docx., rtf. and pdf. too. If you prefer, feel free to copy and paste your submission in the body of the mail.

3) We like to read new stuff so please send us only previously unpublished works.

4) Send us also a short bio (max 150 words) and a picture of you.

5) We try to reply as fast as we can but if you do not receive any answer after a month, please write us a mail. We are humans after all.

6) We may edit, with your consent, the writings you sent in case of necessity.

7) There are no themes and no restrictions to a simple kind of writing style. We enjoy poems, short stories, short essays, haiku, short plays and everything you can do with words. Except for shopping list. We hate shopping lists…

8) Unfortunately we are not able to pay. But one day, maybe…

9) What are you waiting for? Stop waiting for Godot and send us your very best!

Jamie Dedes:

Your donation HERE helps to fund the ongoing mission of The Poet by Day in support of poets and writers, freedom of artistic expression, and human rights.

Poetry rocks the world!


For Peace, Sustainability, Social Justice

The Poet by Day officially endorses Bernie Sanders for President.

The New New Deal

Link HERE for Bernie’s schedule of events around the country.

“Democracy is not a spectator sport.” Bernie Sanders

“Every pair of eyes facing you has probably experienced something you could not endure.”  Lucille Clifton

Thank you!

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