img_0839Just as I wonder
whether it’s going to die,
the orchid blossoms
and I can’t explain why it
moves my heart, why such pleasure

The Orchid Flower by Sam Hamill (b. 1942), Poet and Founding Editor of Copper Canyon Press, from his book Dumb Luck

Inspired today, I decided to make the short trip from the contemplative solitude of my room to the busy, bustling, sometimes even boisterous-with-conviviality Trader Joe’s not too far from here. The purpose: to buy some orchids.  I thought I remembered that Trader’s had orchids for sale at reasonable prices. They do indeed. And how lovely they are. I bought two (the picture doesn’t do them justice) and two tea roses to light my room and softly complement and complete the green leafy plants that have been my companions for some years now.  With their complex formation and color variation, the orchids have a natural poetry that blends with the book-lined shelves. They make me smile as I spin my own soul’s poetry, which has to be worked for and which I can only hope will be as fully organic as the naked beauty of an orchid.

© 2014, words and photo, Jamie Dedes, All rights reserved


  1. Lovely poem to go with your lovely orchids. Since orchid growing is my hobby I like when people learn to appreciate their beauty. They are unique and misinterpreted. They aren’t as difficult to grow as people assume. I’m glad you purchased some for your enjoyment.
    In the event that you wish to get another in the further, the best place to get them is at an orchid show or an orchid nursery. They’re always willing to help with advice. Enjoy you beautiful blooms ….


    1. Hi, Isadora!

      You have yet another gift: green thumb. I’m impressed and I appreciate the tip. I did think about going to the orchid show when it arrives this year, but wondered. Now I will certainly go and get the long-disired big orchid plant to stand with my beautiful statue of Quan Yin.

      Many blessing to you,


      1. If you ever need a hint on what to do with your orchids I’ll be glad to tell. ~~~ : – )
        One rule to follow …
        Orchids do not like to have wet feet (roots)
        The best way to avoid that is to water every other week.
        Okay here’s another hint … XD
        when you water add your fertilizer … BUT … a very weak amount.
        I use this little phrase …
        Water weakly – weekly !!!!
        Toodles ..
        Happy Easter


  2. I’m glad you are the kind of person who buys herself flowers. I do too, and usually from the TJ’s near our house. One of my favorite flowers is an iris, with which I have pleasant childhood associations (and I do favor purple). Will think of you smiling and spinning, Jamie.


    1. Thank you, Naomi! Trader’s certainly seems to have the best selection of flowers, fresh cut and potted, and the most reasonably prices. 🙂 I like irises too and purple. Thinking of your smiling with flowers and birds.


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