I feel certain I don’t have to say who and what inspired me to create this for our Group discussion page on Facebook. Feel free to share it around. Thanks!



    The scum rises to the top
    The dregs sink to the bottom
    I’d point this out more pointedly
    But my mum always said
    It’s rude to stir (or point)

    She also said
    There are three things you should never discuss
    Politics, sex and religion
    Nothing else has ever interested me much

    Of course


    … She’d be appalled

    – Ben Naga

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  2. Fortunately, since Greene wrote there, women and other gendereds have also entered government. We have also learned that although some are stupid, they are more likely to be greedy and ruthless. Sigh. (There are also wonderful, soulful, compassionate people in governance!)

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  3. Thoughtless, greedy, individuals always, and I mean always, are part of every political and social system. But just because such people exist doesn’t mean we have to follow them. To make sure individual who want only themselves to succeed means the rest of us must stand up and voice our objections to such power-hungry, selfish people. Such people are in the minority in every system and we can prevent them from ruling our lives by making ourselves speak with the voice of truth and not political correctness, by standing up for kindness, and fighting against injustice. Intimidation and fear are the tools of the selfish and glutinous individuals. It takes courage to stand out and tell them they are “Emperors with no clothes.” It is time to develop courage before it is too late.

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