guerillaGuerrilla poets strike out for common sense, inclusion, social justice and all our best human ideals: Zero Forbidden Goals (ZFG) is a collective of artists from the Greater Sacramento area. It engages ideals and education through poetry, music and art delivered in a community setting, which is essentially what the “guerrilla” in “guerrilla art” refers to. I just found out about them today. All things considered: rather fabulous.

“In the past year ZFG has worked to bring an innovative brand of guerrilla art to Northern California with events such as Guerrilla Art Flash Mobs, National (Guerrilla) Poetry Month, Gorilla Storytime, Chainlink Poetry, and FLOW Sacramento.”

David Loret De Mola invites guerilla poets to participate in  “Guerrilla” Poetry Month by sending in your videos.

“Whether you rap or you slam ZFG invites you and yours to take part in Guerrilla Poetry Month 2016! Just film your piece and send links to or hit us @ZFGpromotions.
Find out more at
We look forward to hearing from you!”

“Zero Forbidden Goals is a group of young creatives based in Northern California working to cultivate the next generation of art on the West Coast. Since it’s conception in 2014, the collaborative comprised of poets, emcees, musicians, writers, photographers, videographers, engineers, visual artists, and designers have been working to support the creative landscape and general accessibility of the arts on the West Coast by working alongside schools, local businesses, and non-profit organizations to provide and support arts programming.

“In addition to sanctioned art collaborations, Zero Forbidden Goals is known for unpredictable public pop-up art events, installations, and exhibitions. From interactive visual arts to flash mob dance parties, ZFG was founded on the belief that you can turn any slab of concrete into a stage and any empty lot into an art gallery.” from the website