THE SPLENDOR OF BLUE, a poem … and your Wednesday Writing Prompt

15555014_10209317621391580_574315771_ni planted seeds of lavender,
tiny things in the palm of my hand,
then the black soil and water,
patience . . . . and waiting
for the first signs of life,
the need for care and love
’til the splendor of blue,
the comforting fragrance,
a gift for the bumblebees and me

– Inger Morgan

© 2016, poem and photograph, Inger Morgan, All rights reserved


INGER MORGAN lives in Trollhättan,Sweden. She’s a retired nurse who says she’s always written “small pieces” but never shared anything until – much to my delight – she shared a poem with us on Facebook. Inger’s first published poem was about grief and guilt and it was featured in the November issue of The BeZineIt looks like Inger has birthed a new interest, if not a new career, at 74 years-of-age.

When Inger and I talked about the December issue – due out tomorrow – with the theme: The Healing Power of the Arts, Inger said frankly her healing comes from nature. Okay! Fair enough. I know that’s true because she takes wonderful photographs on her property and of the adjacent woods with its wild trees, tumbling brooks, gray stone and green mosses. Just from the photographs, I feel I almost know her place, the care of which is the inspiration for the splendor of blue. 

So the question is: Where do YOU find healing? Nature. Poetry. Art. The ocean or the sky.  Tell us about it in poem or prose. If you’d like to share what you’ve written, please leave it – or the link to it – in the comments sections below.

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