Notions of God/My Window at Night, a poem by Jenifer Cartland

img_3868my mind goes numb
at the look of your shadow,
gauze hanging there
filtering moonlight
reflected off bright clouds

and I wonder
how far you have come,
how long you have waited
in your bleak disguise
behind this shadow

how many hints you have thrown,
how many desperate plays
you have made
in your tireless willingness
and my mind being numb

– Jenifer Cartland

JENIFER (Poems from inbetween) SAYS, “In between meetings, in between errands, seat cushions, and ‘oms’, I try to nab those little guys flying though my noggin’ and shake them up a bit, turn them into something humans can understand. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Sometimes they are happy I did, sometimes they aren’t.”

Jenifer shared this poem with me in response to the Wednesday Writing Prompt, Notions of God. She’s written many poems that might fall under that category. They’re on her blog and titled My Window at Night. . Her work is always well-considered. I’m please to introduce this talented poet to you today.

“Poetry is what happens when nothing else can.” Charles Bukowski