“I am a product of long corridors, empty sunlit rooms, upstairs indoor silences, attics explored in solitude, distant noises of gurgling cisterns and pipes, and the noise of wind under the tiles.  Also, of endless books.” Surprised by Joy, The Shape of My Early Life, C.S. Lewis

Life happens – sometimes with breathtaking speed – until it doesn’t; so we are happy after all with the activities of these times:  dealing with some rather major life-changes … along with balancing work on The Poet by Day, the evolving Coffee, Tea and Poetry, and monthly issues of The BeZine, themed theatre for August. I am excited to be collaborating on this issue with my son, Richard Lingua, as well as a cascade of talented writers and poets and The BeZine core team (The Bardo Group, now The Bardo Group Beguines), recently dubbed The BeZiners by John Anstie.

This year has been a struggle and I’ve finally have to admit that the practical strategy for the moment is to cut back on various activities until I can reorganize to accommodate new circumstances. I know you understand. No one’s life is free of challenges to the status quo. That is, perhaps, a good thing.

“It is a very consoling fact that so many books about real lives – biographies autobiographies, letters, etc. — give one such an impression of happiness, in spite of the tragedies they all contain … Perhaps the tragedies of real life contain more consolation and fun and gusto than the comedies of literature?” The Letters of C.S. Lewis to Arthur Greeves

Meanwhile, I am determined at the very least to bring you Sunday Announcements (yesterday’s will post later today), Tuesday responses to Wednesday Writing Prompts, and Wednesday Writing Prompts. They may go up late, but they will go up.

Having said that, I have a slew of reviews and other material to share with you – all resting in wait for time and energy to do right by all the fine poets and writers I love and love to share with loyal and supportive readers who just happen to be writers and poets as well. You rock. Things are looking up even for bringing back the American She-Poets series. Please bare with me. Thanks for your patience … and poem on. Reading and writing is the stuff of magic. Literature, like life, does in fact offer consolation, fun and gusto. One vs. the other might just a matter of degree.




  1. I love the work that you do, Jamie, but please be sure to take care of yourself. Having said that, I have been surprised by the amount of accommodation we have to do as we age.

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